Peppers’ 2014 Delaware State Chicken Wing Championship

CPE - Steve Seabury and Johnny McLaughlin (edited)

Chip Hearn of Peppers of Lewes, DE invited me to participate as a judge in this year’s Delaware State chicken wing championship. He sent me the following information to share with our great community. I hope to see some of you down there. You can see the 2 gentleman above in the pic, they both will be in the contest, so come out and see what happens. Plus, award winning wing sauce maker, John Rizzoti of Rippin’ Red Wing Sauce will also be throwing down. Perhaps the man to be beat? Only time will tell!!!

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Special Rippin’ Red Event at Peppers!!!

Rippin Red wins Screaming Mi Mi for Forbidden Angel

Come to a Special Peppers event Saturday May 18. Come meet Chef John Rizzotti of Rippin Red Sauce & Eddie Ojeda, Twisted Sister Lead Guitarist to debut Eddie’s new Cherry Habanero Hot Sauce. We will be cooking and grilling up some delicious food with Rippin Red Sauces and Eddie Ojeda’s Cherry habanero. Eddie will be on hand to sign Autographs and sign bottles and talk about his new venture into the world of Hot Sauce.

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REVIEW: Rippin’ Red Sauce Company – Forbidden Angel Hot Sauce

Forbidden Angel hot sauce

It has been a real long time since we did a review for Rippin’ Red Sauce Company. Two and a half years in fact (HERE), and since then they have re-branded themselves as more than a mere wing sauce company introducing this new hot sauce with the help of our friends at Endorphin Farms. Together they created this “custom crafted habanero sauce”, as the label says. Let me take you to that custom crafted part and let us examine the ingredients:
Guava Nectar, Red Habanero Peppers, Onions, Lime Juice, Pumpkin, Distiled Vinegar, Garlic, Soybean Oil.

Guava and pumpkin? Not sure how they came up with that combination. I give them credit for trying even if the reviews go south. Speaking of which, let us introduce our review team. We have G from Northern Virginia, Zzombie & Big Daddy B from Louisiana and Jerret from Washington State. So we got 3 coasts covered. Can the guava, pumpkin, habanero hot sauce combo work is 3 different regions? You can check the videos and find out, but first here is a great deal from Rippin’ Red that you should take advantage of if you are interested in trying some of their products…

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