Hypnosis and Hot Sauce

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Back in 2010, I got Scott Roberts from www.ScottRobersweb.com to volunteer for a little hypnosis experiment I wanted to try. There is something called HypnoBirthing which basically is hypnotherapy to remove the pain and fear associated with child birth. So a woman can have a pain-free baby delivery. I figured since I had learned a little about hypnotizing others over the years, maybe I could use this pain-free hypnosis for things that are too spicy. Imagine the ability to eliminate pain at will? Well I had to know if it would work. I was very confident it would, but I wanted to document it, but needed a guinea pig for my experiment. In stepped Scott to allow me to play with his brain, so to speak. Hypnosis works best with people that are very intelligent and willing, and I knew Scott would be the perfect subject. We were both coming to the Fiery Food & BBQ Show in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and there would not better opportunity than there to do this experiment.

The 2 videos we showcased our test with 3 super hot extract products from 3 different companies. The first company is the German Police with their Painmaker which ranges around the 800,000 scoville mark. You will see that test in the 1st video which begins with my hypnosis induction I did with Scott. In the 2nd video, Scott took on Defcon Sauces‘ Zero which is between 1-2 million Scoville, and then finally CaJohn’s Flavor & Fire’s Black Mamba which uses 1-4 million extract to create a better average.

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2013 Fiery Foods Weekend – Kevin & Scott Roberts review Salsaghetti Candy

2013 Fiery Foods Weekend - Day 2 (63)

This is a Father & Son review for this spicy candy product, using the one and only Scott Roberts with his son Kevin. We did this review at CaJohn’s Open House event at the Fiery Foods Weekend in Columbus, OH. It is one of the weirdest tasting candies I have ever come across. It is more jocularity than serious review. I do pull a Donald Trump at the end of the video on one of the other reviewers present at the open house. Watch and find out who that is.

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2012 Weekend of Fire: Blogger’s Round Table

This is a long video as I chose to run it as 1 video instead of chopping it into multiple videos. Our Round Table was led by Scott Roberts of www.ScottRobertsweb.com, Joe & Linda Levinson of www.TheHotZoneOnline.com, and Marilyn Meagher of www.HotSauceDaily.com. We discuss many issues including the ever-increasing pepper eating challenge videos, the cooking with super hot chile videos, best new products at the Weekend of Fire this year, and a few other topics that bring out real emotion from our bloggers. Whether you agree or disagree with us we should cover a topic you might be passionate about. At least we hope you do. I also spare you from my ugly mug as I am mostly off camera for this video.

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