REVIEW: Scotty O’Hotty – Habanero Sauce

scotty o hotty


This is our second Scotty O’Hotty hot sauce we are reviewing. The first was their ghost sauce, and it received some really good marks. Out of 5 flaming hearts, every reviewer gave it a 4 1/2 flaming heart rating. One of the best scores a hot sauce has ever received on ILoveItSpicy. You can see those video reviews HERE. Since it is St. Patrick’s Day today, and we could not do any better than have a product named O’Hotty to review for this great Irish holiday. Will this habanero hot sauce do as well as the ghost pepper version. You will have to find out for yourselves.

Our team of hot sauce aficionados for this review are the man only known as “G”, Steve Smith of, and Tennessee’s own Dale Gilbert.

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