Sean “Boyardee” Boley does his last review for ILoveItSpicy

Chef Boyardee Spicy Ravioli

In a few days, Sean will be moving out of the Buddah castle and to permanently be with his new blushing bride, Anna. The two look perfect for each other, and while I will miss having Sean’s presence around the house I wish him and Anna all the best for their future. Sean has gone from roomie to cartoonist to guinea pig to lawn-mowing Albino Nipple Boy to more than a friend to me. He will sorely be missed around the house. With that said, I thought Sean and I could do one last video review and there is no better product review that we could do than this one. As you will soon see and hear for yourselves why Chef Boyardee Spicy and Extra Spicy Beef Ravioli is like ambrosia of the Gods to this man. So please give the best of luck to Sean as he leaves ILoveItSpicy for bigger and better things including playing music as DJ Bobo!

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Sean & Buddah review spicy veggies (Worst Product Review Eva)

It is not everyday I get Sean Boley (the official cartoonist of ILIS) to eat some veggies, let alone a spicy variety, but he was willing so we did ’em. Along the way though there was a misfire, and a huge one at that. I won’t say more on that, you will have to watch to see the worst product I have ever reviewed. Before the huge low came one big high, and that came in the form of spicy pickled beets by Pepper Creek Farms. Their Joycie’s Spicy Beets was a wonderful find.

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