Puckerbutt for Snowdrop Foundation Collectible Bottles

Puckerbutt for Snowdrop signed bottles

For Ed Currie of the Puckerbutt Pepper Company:

“At the Houston Hot sauce show, I had a bunch of people sign a case of I Dare You Stupit sauce to raise (money). The people who signed are CaJohn, Vic Clinco, James Wreck, Ted Barrus, Brad Bishop, Brannon Deobolt, Fiber Joe, Tim Bader, Jim Duffy, some guy named Buddha(Buddah), and myself. How much would you pay for that? How much you pay knowing that ALL the proceeds with go to the Snowdrop Foundation for cancer patients? We are going to sell them on Ebay at Puckerbuttpeppercompany as the seller. All 12 bottles, including the one that Average Joe messed up, are up at auction right now!”

Here is the main link to all the auctions: CLICK ME Do be a part of helping out Children with Cancer and the Snowdrop Foundation. Read a little about their mission statement…

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Buddah’s 2013 Ultimate Chilehead Roadtrip – Part 2

iBurn mural outside

September 20, 2013

I owe a lot of my sanity on this trip to the Sauce Goddess, Jennifer Reynolds. I was still having personal issues that I could not drop, and she told me to focus on where I was and have a good time with the people around you. Jennifer and I shared hotel rooms in Houston, TX as well as New Iberia and Lafayette, LA. We did the tourism thing in Louisiana and I had a great time with her company. Thanks very much Jen, you were an awesome travel mate. Our Friday schedule immediately became a bit sketchy because of the weather. It was raining and it was going to get worse and worse as a big storm was heading our way. Friday was setup day at the Stafford Centre for the Houston Hot Sauce Festival, so it was a matter of choosing the best time to dance between the raindrops.

Both Jen and I decided to visit the new iBurn brick and mortar hot sauce store before helping her setup her booth. The look of the store was amazing. So clean and professional looking. The murals were so very artistic. See the pic at the top for the outside mural and part of the inside mural is below. I really liked the way the bottles were child-protected by these small metal bar guards. While that was good against bottles tipping, the appearance was extremely sharp and appealing. Proprietors, as well as newlyweds, James and Amy Beck/Wreck had started selling products last year online and having such a widely successful show close by, they are going to support the festival by bringing in some of the vendors that appear. The idea is to tell the attendees at the show if you like the vendor’s products you will be able to reload at iBurn. Many of the vendors at the show gave away iBurn postcards to push home that point. Good marketing.

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2013 Best Salsa in the World Contest

Since it was a huge hit last year, (55 jars of salsas submitted last year), we are doing it again. The most important factor in this salsa contest is to raise money for the Snowdrop Foundation which helps with Children’s Cancer research and support. All salsa entries are $5/salsa with 2 jars of salsa per entry, but we will gladly accept more because 100% of the proceeds are given to the Snowdrop Foundation. If you did not hear about this salsa contest last year, we are sponsoring it in conjunction with the Houston Hot Sauce Show. The salsa entered can be from anywhere, but must be manufactured in a legal kitchen and have nutritional and ingredient declarations on the label. No fresh salsa will be allowed, only sealed jars to be as fair as possible. We had 2 categories last year – traditional and fruit-based. I will open the contest to a black bean & corn salsa category if I can get at least 10 companies interested. As soon as I have 10, I will alert all the companies that inquired, so they can add these salsas to their mailing list.

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Salsa Contest: Last Call

This contest is to raise money for Snowdrop Foundation which helps with Children’s Cancer Research and support. If you did not know about this salsa contest we are sponsoring for the Houston Hot Sauce Show, then you have a few days to get your product out. The deadline for receipt is September 1st if you are not vending at the Houston Hot Sauce Show. If you are vending at the show you still need to inform me exactly what your entries will be. I opened up the contest to not only award the best salsa, but also award the best fruit-based salsa. If you have a fruit-based salsa, it will not be in the best salsa category, so we can make 2 competitive contests we can award prizes for.

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SALSA Contest Update!!!

Everything below this paragraph is a re-post of the Houston Hot Sauce Show salsa contest we are sponsoring to raise money for the Snowdrop Foundation. The only thing different is that I am buying another first place trophy and awarding it to the best fruit-based salsa. I thought with the number of entries we have all ready, it would only be fair to divide the salsas somewhat. I could create several categories, but I do not want to dilute the contest too much, but award great salsas. So we will divide the salsas at the show into 2 categories- Fruit-Based & Everything else. All the same rules apply. If you are attending the show, you still must alert me to what you are entering in the contest prior to the September 1st deadline. Email would be the best way for both of us to keep a record of your entry just in case there is an issue. PLEASE READ THE RULES BELOW! You still have more than 3 weeks to get them mailed out in time. If you want to help with the research and assistance for children’s cancer, then you would be helping the Snowdrop Foundation help those who need it. You do not have to enter the contest to help this worthy charity.

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