Buddah’s Spicy Diet Journey – Week 12

Steve Chambers and I

In my week 12 video I discuss cheating and how to avoid making it become permanent. Plus I bring up a few new condiments – High River Sauces‘ Hellious Hot Sauce, Frank’s Red Hot Thick Ketchup, Walden Farm’s Ketchup and Go Lo Foods’ Sugar Free Dark Hazelnut Spread. If you would like to try my hypnosis video to help you with anything you need motivation in fixing like losing weight, stop smoking, stop drinking, get rid of any phobias/fears, stop bad habits like biting your nails, then here is the link: CLICK ME. It is 23 minutes long, and you will need to watch it without being disturbed. Turn off all electronic devices, find a quiet location, and get comfortable. You will wake up feeling like a new person and ready to tackle life.

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Buddah’s Spicy Diet Journey – Week 7-9

Tourist T-Shirts in Nawlins

After a stressful month and a 1/2 with so many ups and downs I thought I was a flight of stairs. The vacation I took by car was the detox from my worries and stress that I needed. Being alone in my travels for many of the longer stints allowed me to just veg out. The times I spent with my chilehead brethren was exactly what I needed in this time in my life. I will never forget all that was done for me and the friendships I have forged that will be long-lasting. This trip changed me. In the coming days I will recount the love I felt from this great community on my long chilehead adventure.

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Buddah’s Spicy Diet Journey – Week 6

Buddah's new and improved chile eyeglasses

I am still doing well in my diet, but not with my exercise routine. Been too busy preparing for my 2 week road trip which kicks off this coming Wednesday. In this video I talk about Quest Nutrition’s low carb high protein bars and their new revolutionary low carb pasta noodles. If you are doing the low carb diet, these are products you will want to have mixed into your diet. I also mention 2 hot sauces as well, The Chesterville Pepper Company & Infuse Brand Hot Sauce. The rest you can hear in my new update. Long as it is, I hope it is informative for those doing the low carb diet with me.

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Buddah’s Spicy Diet Journey – Week 4

Sean Meets Buddah

Another week gone by. I didn’t talk about my workout this time. I promised I would hit the gym twice this week, and I did. I will do the same this week as well. I hate it, but it must be part of my diet plan. I also tried to hit the bed earlier during the work week, at 9pm, because I am up at 3am. The only problem I am having is that I wake up a few hours earlier. Not sure why I can’t just get at least 6 hours of sleep like the normal person. I am trying though. So if anyone out there tries to call me after 9pm and I do not pick up, you know why. Anywho, here is the weekly video. If you have Plantar Fasciitis like me, you should listen up. I might just have a solution for your shoes.

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Buddah’s Spicy Diet Journey – Day 1

At Zestfest with Flower Hat from Houston

The video pretty much explains it all. In a nutshell, I am starting a new diet today thanks from inspiration from my little Sister. It all starts somewhere. Hopefully I will inspire others to join me.


<iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/hqu6mQ1Zaco?feature=player_embedded” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

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