Veteran’s Day Tribute


Imagine leaving behind the things you love – your love of family, friends and life. Imagine losing your Brothers and Sisters that stood along side you to defend the country you love in foreign lands and at home. Unless you have lived it, it is hard to imagine the hardship of being a soldier. Veteran’s Day is more than just tipping our hats to those that wear the uniform. It is a day to recognize those brave men and women that decided it was a nobler deed to give their country something back for their inherited freedom. Some of them have left so much behind in their fight for democracy. Handicapped in more than missing limbs, vision, the ability to function normally, but also mentally damaged in memory and in mind. We should not be so quick to celebrate the day, but the people behind the day. Thanks to all those that have served our country, we owe you our freedom and the lifestyle we have today.

This wonderful tribute video was created from the YouTube page of leahlsternberg

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Memorial Day Tribute

Memorial Day Tribute pic

Today is not just a day off from work to lay out at the beach, barbecue or spend the day with loved ones. It is a day we pay homage to those that died to protect our freedoms. This day of remembrance is not just about our American soldiers today, we also give our thanks and prayers to our allies near and far. Without all those brave men and women who sacrificed their lives to protect what we often take for granted, I might not be allowed to type these words to you today. You might be able to read them. So do not take Memorial Day for granted when you exercise what you believe is your God given right today, think about all those millions of lives that died for you. Take a moment today to say thank you to our fallen heroes. May their deaths never be forgotten and from the trails they created, we walk living their legacy with freedom everlasting.

This is a beautiful tribute I found on YouTube from MRDANGUINN. Let him know what you think.

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Memorial Day: We Will Never Forget

Memorial Day Tribute pic

I found this wonderful Memorial Day tribute, and wanted to share it with you. Memorial Day is often thought of as the beginning of the BBQ season, the opening of the beaches, the start of warmer weather, but many of us get lost in our own personal lives and forget the real meaning why we celebrate this day. So many men and women sacrificed their lives to protect our freedom and secure our borders. They fought with us and along side us, with our colors and with the colors of our allies. We take for granted all the things we have and can’t truly comprehend all the souls that were lost to give us our way of life. Today, Memorial Day, we remember all those that gave their lives for us. We honor their memory with our praise and prayers. Thank you is not nearly enough, but it is the least we can do today. So don’t just think about the number of brats you need on the grill or whether or not you want to add potato salad and cole slaw for your festivity or how much sunscreen you need. Think about our brave soldiers that gave their lives for you.

Thanks to Sarah Eubanks for creating such a great tribute video.

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