REVIEW: Turbana Plantain Chips – Chili Lime Flavored

Turbana Chips chili lime

We are back with our second and last review for the Turbana Plantain Chips. You can read all about the first review of their Chili Flavored style HERE We explain all about the plantain and some information about the healthy alternative to other snack foods. The plantain looks like a banana and the chips look similar to potato chips. I grew up having them, and I do like them when they are salted just enough. I am interested after our last review to try these out. I know I can get them at a Whole Foods a little ways away, so I am going to have to take a drive one week to get me some.

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REVIEW: Turbana Plantain Chips – Chili Flavored

Turbana Chips chili

We have ourselves a spicy snack review. This is a first for us though since we never did any plantain reviews. If you are not familar with plantains, they are like bananas, but even if they resemble bananas in the look inside and out they taste much like a potato chip when fried. There are other uses of the plantain, but we are not here to discuss those other options. I have had these style of plantain chips since I was a little tyke. A little salt goes a long way for my tastes. Our review team have been given 2 styles, this chili one and a chili lime variety. We will review the chili lime one next week. I do not think eith of these chips are considered to be too spicy, but we hope the flavor is well worth the purchase because plantains are considered a much healthy alternative snack food to those that often capture our attention.

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