Wickedly Creative Cooking

Mike Isenberg

A couple of years ago my wife and I spent 2 weeks on a road trip through Germany. We had a great time during our vacation, and every restaurant in Germany we visited had some truly excellent sausages on the menu, however, delicious as they were, there were really only slight variations from sausage to sausage, area to area. The flavors were so familiar I felt I could have pulled almost any of these sausages off my grill back home. And it makes sense, seeing how much cultural heritage is shared between Germany and the USA.

After the vacation I set out to make sausages of my own. Not just to make a killer bratwurst, but I was inspired to make something unique that I couldn’t get anywhere else. So I bought a couple of books, a meat grinder, and did some research online and have been experimenting with fresh sausage making for almost a year now.

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