2012 Weekend of Fire Information

The 6th Annual Weekend of Fire show was the very first fiery food event I ever attended as a blogger. I did a little on the spot reporting from the show to TastetheFear.com (TTF) via my phone. Back in 2007 it wasn’t as easy as it is today with the latest smartphones, and took me a couple of tries before the messages were sent in full. It was this little show reporting that got me a gig as a writer and reviewer for TTF. Through that opportunity and many more meetings and greetings at various shows I some how ended up here with my little blog. The last 6 years has been so much fun, and I look at the Weekend of Fire very warmingly as the place where it all began. I have attended every show, and although because of choice it might be my last, I feel the Weekend of Fire has brought our community closer with the Blogger’s Booth, a creation by show creator, Bret Vitek.

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