REVIEW: CurrySimple Yellow Mild Thai Curry Sauce

Sure we are ILoveItSpicy and not ILoveItMild, but we are doing CurrySimple’s entire product Thai Curry sauce line and it happens to include 2 that aren’t spicy. We have all ready done their Hot versions with their Green and Red sauces, and next week we will do their sweet version. Our guest reviewer, Mike from Madness (Michael Hultquist) reviewed all the products at once and gave the whole product line a positive 3 1/2 Flaming Hearts –
I too love CurrySimple, but never tried this mild version, so after watching Jerret’s and Matt’s feedback, I am eager to add this one on my must try list. If you are a fan of Thai food and looking for an easy meal, then you might want to give CurrySimple a try as well.

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