Firehead Thomas presents…Zestfest 2013: Day 3 (Bumblefoot Interview)

Bumblefoot & Brimstone

Firehead explores a little more of the show, then gets the privilege to interview the one and only Bumblefoot from Guns ‘n Roses fame along with the Godfather of hot sauce, CaJohn Hard. Bumblefoot is pictured above along with Brimstone. After that he talks with Big Papa Sauces. It’s truly awesome!

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ZestFest 2013…I Wish I was there!


Another Zestfest show, and another show I can’t make. I haven’t been to Zestfest since 2009, the last show they had in September back in Fort Worth, TX. It was where many a chilehead stayed in the Stockyards for their post-event entertainment portion of their stay. With it in January and being from the Northeast I would be risking my vacation days on the weather being non-disruptive. If a snow storm hit during either my departure to or from the show it would totally suck. So I have chosen to attend other shows that did not pose such a risky weather forecast. In so giving up ahead of the game, I sit here wishing I was there now, before the doors open. The forecast here? Snow storm this morning, albeit a tiny storm and a small one again tomorrow. I don’t think there would have been too much of a delay in the flights though, but my choice was made.

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