Our Spicy Team

Al “Buddah” Goldenberg

Chilehead, Blog Host and Reviewer. Buddah has been doing spicy product reviews for the past few years on Taste the Fear and has been to a few of the major fiery food shows.  ILoveItSpicy.com is his brain child, and he hopes to bring a special and different look into a community that has been growing steadily over the years in America.

Art “Xero” Weingaertner

Proprietor of Xerach’s Foods, a company that was named Startup Nation’s “Yummiest Home Business Of 2009”.  He is a salsa maker that will give you his own slant on the business and do a few reviews along the way.


Hailing from Ohio, Wendy is new to reviewing, but once you see her import her knowledge and research into her reviews, you will think she has been doing this all her life.

Mer & Friends

Hailing from California, Mer is laid back and lets life come to him. All the while his ragtag group of friends are full of excitement and energy.

Michael Hansen

Hailing from Washington State, Michael will bring his experience to the table from his time spent with Sam and Tina of Zane and Zack’s World Famous Pepper Company.

Steve Smith

Steve S. has been doing some hot stuff through his own website www.2hot2eat.com. He will be doing some reviews and also offering some spicy recipes that might be 2 hot 2 eat.

Firehead Thomas

Like most of us, Thomas is a hot sauce lover, but he is fairly new to the Chilehead blogging landscape and he is diving headfirst into the spicy pool. His charming personality and love of all things spicy will be sure to win you over.


Gary was actually discovered during a poker game. He declared his love for the spicy side of food, and wanted to be a part of the review squad. We were more than happy to send some products his way to get his feedback. Let us see what will unfold from that.

Sean B.

Sean B. is not a chilehead. One more time, Sean B. is not a chilehead. Buddah will ask Sean to do an impromptu video from time to time out of convenience because he lives under the same roof as him. Scared, but willing Sean will put his best tongue forward and tell you his honest opinion while drinking milk to dull the pain. He also has done some nice cartoon work for us, and we are grateful. Check out his photobucket KR2NIST if you are interested in obtaining his services.

Steve “The Machine” Smallwood

The 2010 Defcon Deathmatch Champion and in record time at that. Steve has show he can handle the hottest of products. At the Weekend of Fire show he did a review for us with a 1 million scoville unit extract sauce, and he liked it. We knew we had to have him as part of our review team after that.

Ryan Graub

Ryan is a born and raised Missourian and resides in the St Louis area. He has been doing spicy product reviews for his own website www.pepperfiend.com.  He has also done reviews for www.peppersandmore.com and www.hotsauceaddict.com in the past.


This guy hails from the mighty tundra that is Minnesota. From the cold they bring you the heat, and show that you do not have to be in a warm climate to like spicy food.

Mike from Madness

Mike has been cooking up spicy recipes for a while, armed with a new recipe book he aims to show you what kind of chilehead he is. This accomplished author is also the man behind the blogs Chile Pepper Madness and Jalapeno Madness.

Scott Roberts

With Ryan Graub, Scott is one half of the Missouri Boyz review team. Like Ryan, Scott is born and raised a Missourian and resides in the St. Louis area. Scott is also the webmaster for I Love It Spicy.
He has been doing spicy product reviews, industry interviews & coverage and more for his own website ScottRobertsWeb.com and also our friends over at PeppersandMore.com. His periodic video show, the Weekly Firecast, features happenings in the hot sauce, spicy food and barbecue world. Scott also contributes product reviews to the Hot Sauce Weekly podcast and the BBQ Central Radio Show.

Derrick Wood

Derrick brings the Southwestern point of view to our team. He is a police dispatcher that hails from Mesa, Arizona. So I guess if things get too hot, then he knows to call himself for help.

Fiber Joe

Fiber as in fiber optic wire and not fibrous food. Joe works in fiber optics and loves his food sweet and spicy. A huge lover of rubs and BBQ, he will give us a reviewer that can slow cook with the best of them. He also lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the home of the biggest hot sauce show in the world.

The Schobergs- Alex & Lauren

Alex & Lauren are also from Buddah’s town of Leesburg. This married couple share a mutual interest with their love of spicy food. They might not always agree with each other, but they know their hot stuff and how to use it.

Craig “Zombie” Henley & Big Daddy B

How many Dads and sons are this close? They both love spicy food, and they bring you their no holds barred opinions together on what they like and don’t like. Louisiana through and through.

Ken Alexander

Ken was made to do reviews and be a future force in this chile community. He brings a huge zest to everything he does and you always feel like you got something a little more just by listening to him.


This Minnesota native brings along his past beer judging experience to every review. He not only gives you a skillful review, but he tells you what kind of beer would work best with each spicy product he reviews.

The Fire Dawgs – Miguel, Hector and Danny

All three of these men are fire fighters from the Ashburn Fire & Rescue in Northern Virginia. All three love it spicy, and they will be bringing their reviews to the salsa world.