Review: Louisiana Pepper Exchange’s Green Habanero Mash

When presented with giggling chileheads, you have to be very wary when they ask you to try something. Brian and Chris of the Louisiana Pepper Exchange(LPE) asked me to try out their green habanero mash with team CaJohn- which consisted of John and his son Nate and Jason- all pushing me to try it. What was I to do? At first I thought they said green jalapeno mash, but when it arrived, along with smiley faces I just sucked it up and pulled out my trusty tasting spoon. Was it going to be as hot as Torchbearer’s “The Rapture” I had the week before? I was hoping not. Right after I was done, Steve Smith stepped up and took a heaping spoonful too. I learned he will try just about anything. I don’t think he said no to anything at the Houston show. As for the other mash they had at their booth, I just loved their cayenne mash. They also had red habanero, both green and red jalapeno and chipotle mash as well.

Just in case people out there wanted us to try this mash out with food, let me remind you it is just a mash, and all we did was taste it. For those that do not know what a mash is, it basically is peppers, salt with a little vinegar. 6% salt in this particular mash. LPE also make it with 12% and no salt which is not common in mash. For those people that eat food with low sodium.

The video footage is from a restaurant called Fabulous Gringo’s, so you will hear background noise. I will also add that I gave some to the waiter who thought it was like salsa and scooped it up with a tortilla chip. I really wish I had the camera going for his reaction because it was priceless.

Louisiana Pepper Exchange
2134 Sorrel Avenue Baton Rouge, LA 70802
Phone: (225)382-1225
Chris White, President
Cell: (225) 937-6043
Bryan Kapp, Vice President
Cell: (225) 937-4831

2 thoughts on “Review: Louisiana Pepper Exchange’s Green Habanero Mash

  • September 21, 2010 at 10:54 am

    Nice shirt Buddah!

  • September 21, 2010 at 3:52 pm

    Those guys got some killer mash!!! their red hab smells incredible, and seems significantly hotter than most!

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