REVIEW- Greengo Joe’s Peruvian Hot Sauce

Taken from the Greengo Joe’s website, I bring you the story of Greengo Joe:

“World traveler and sauce lover extraordinaire, Greengo Joe has made his finest discovery on his last trip to Peru. High up in the Andean Mountains, Greengo Joe came across the sauce of the Inca Kings. It is the most delicious sauce he has ever encountered and he now brings it here for you to enjoy. Made from only the freshest and finest ingredients, this sauce will add a new dimension to all of your favorite dishes. Great as a dip, spread or dressing.
Use on your favorite Seafood, Meats, Poultry, Pork or Veggies.”

Well that sounds like a sauce worthy of trying. Will it pass the taste test from our review staff? We shall see. Our reviewers for this review are Steve Smallwood, Steve Smith & Mer & his friends. I will say that after previewing these reviews I am very fascinated to try this product more so than most.

Steve Smallwood

Steve Smith

Mer & Friends

Greengo Joe’s
Email: in**@gr*********.com


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