REVIEW: Bravo the Artisan Mexican Sauce

Bravo is the 2nd of the two new products from Colibri Artisan Mexican Sauces, the makers of Guapo. Fresco is the other, and we just reviewed it the other day. You can view that review HERE. Colibri Artisan Mexican Sauces are 100% natural, free of artificial preservatives, flavors, colors, have zero trans fat, and are Vegan as well as Gluten Free.

I absolutely loved Guapo, and had a fun time playing with it in so many different applications, and sharing it with dozens of people in different states in my travels. It all started a year ago, when I saw the little plastic bottle in my Whole Food. I loved the name, and it had reminded me of the movie Three Amigos, where the chief villian was named, “El Guapo”. I decided I needed to know what this “Authentic Mexican Sauce” was, so I bought it and brought it with me to Peppers at the Beach last year. This is the first Guapo video we shot at a restaurant by Peppers in Rehobeth Beach, DE: CLICK ME

I wanted to share that video, because of the strange reaction I had to all 3 products. Guapo worked on 90% of the things we used it with, including dessert. Fresco, I loved the flavor so much, and I was ready to crown it product of the year, but when I had it with my food choices, it strangely did not go work well. Then there is Bravo, well I will let my video speak for itself. Along with my review, we have once again G and Xero. I have concluded one thing, all 3 products should be used refrigerated and not room temperature. With that said on with the review…




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4 thoughts on “REVIEW: Bravo the Artisan Mexican Sauce

  • April 8, 2011 at 7:01 pm

    Thanks for the awesome review guys!!! We’re so glad that you liked Bravo!!! I LOVE BRAVO- I use it on everything-

    I thought I’d just tell ya a little about the morita pepper- it is lesser known, but very popular in Mexico. It is a smoked pepper, like chipotle, but instead of being from Northern Mexico (Chihuahua) it is grown on the gulf coast in Veracruz, and in Oaxaca. We adore this pepper! It’s not as smoky as chipotle and smaller in size.

    I’m so glad you guys enjoyed Bravo. 🙂 It took us a long time to get Bravo to the taste it has, so it’s awesome to get good feedback!

    Thanks so much to you all again!

  • April 8, 2011 at 7:46 pm

    I’m familiar with the Morita, we get them here occasionally. We just got done with dinner and I used it on my taco salad and it was just great mixed in with the sour cream and salsa that was already in there. great product.

  • April 8, 2011 at 8:32 pm

    80 plus percent of all commercially sold chipotle in the U.S. are morita chiles. It is very hard to find the ” brown” chipotle from suppliers. Just ask any of the credible suppliers and they will confirm this. The morita is a thinner fleshed chile than the jalapeño and is a much easier to smoke dry, plus the cost is much less than the brown. We use them a lot. Aztec Emperor should weigh-in on this.

  • April 9, 2011 at 12:35 am

    I have never had a bacon flavored BBQ sauce, Buddah. But, I will be willing to try this.


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