REVIEW: El Gringo Loco’s Key Lime ‘n Garlic Salsa

El Gringo Loco has a pretty long title for this salsa, with the full name “Key Lime ‘n Garlic Fire-Roasted Natural Salsa – Medium”. Here is what the website says about this salsa:

“Here’s a salsa that is sure to become a family favorite! We call this a “shoveling salsa” because it is so darn perfect that you’re gonna wanna shovel down the whole jar in one sitting! This salsa is made with a blend of Fire Roasted Tomatoes, Fresh Onions and Jalapeños. The Key Lime Juice is so fresh and vibrant and let’s face it, who doesn’t love Garlic? It’s not too limey, it’s not too garlicky, it’s just simple salsa perfection! We now offer this salsa in Mild, Medium and Hot. (The Hot gets an extra kick from Habaneros!) Great with chips and in dips, simmer chicken in a crock pot with it, heat it up and pour it on your eggs! This salsa rocks!”

Wendy the Spice Goddess


RJ with friend Tim

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