REVIEW: Crazy Steve’s Insane Cranberry Habanero Salsa

This is the 4th and last Fire Dawg review for Crazy Steve. If you haven’t seen the other 3 reviews, please check them out here:
1- Green Smokin’
2- Mesquite Fire Roasted
3- Black Bean & Corn
Also check out Crazy’s Steve’s hunger drive in his Pickles Against Hunger, below the video.

Crazy Steve’s Pickles & Salsa
38 Herbert Rd
Robbinsville, NJ 08691
Phone: 908-787-2089
Email: cr*************@gm***.com
Facebook: CLICK ME

One thought on “REVIEW: Crazy Steve’s Insane Cranberry Habanero Salsa

  • July 5, 2011 at 8:01 am

    Thanks for the review. We will use this salsa more for cooking! Marinate pork tenderloin in it overnight and put it on the grill or broiler. Nice on grilled salmon, turkey, smoke duck, or brie. We have recipes using this and our other salsa at “Cooking With Crazy Steve”

    We will be uploading a video of a Grilled Chicken Salad with our Cranberry Habanero Salsa on a bed of spring greens with walnuts, craisins and mandarin oranges.

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