REVIEW: Mutha’s Mustard- Original

This is the 1st of 3 reviews for Mutha’s Mustard. Of course we have to start with the Original. We will follow that up with the Asian style and finish that off with their Heavyweight edition. For this review we put together some fine mustard loving reviewers. We start with the Schoberg’s along with their friend Jeremy again, then we have Fiber Joe, and end with Derrick Wood. Before the videos, let us get a little background information from the Mutha’s Mustard website.

The Mutha’s Mustard Story:

The Story

The kick in Mutha’s condiments comes not only from the products’ intense flavors but also from their originator’s illustrious career as national Bando kickboxing champion. And just as there’s a kick in Mutha’s there’s a catch, too.

Mutha’s originator Dale Minor, Ph.D. became a man with a mission when he developed serious health problems. As a food lover and chef, he developed Mutha’s as a healthful way to put punch into a healthy diet. When a friend told him his mustard and pepper sauce was “the mutha of all mustards,” a product and a brand was born.

But the word “mutha” is street talk, says Dr. D., and the product is so delicious, “I wanted to make it available to everyone.” Thus came “Mother’s Pepper Sauce,” the same condiment, made with the same healthy produce, and packing the same punch.

Local and wholesome is part of the Mutha’s—and Mother’s—legacy. The Athens, Ohio Farmer’s Market provided the produce for Dr. D’s first, experimental batches and local Ohio farms continue to provide the produce that goes into all Mutha’s/Mother’s products.

Locally grown and good for you, Mutha’s/Mother’s Mustards are condiments that’ll knock you out.

Mutha’s products are produced under the supervision of the Appalachian Center for Economic Networks (ACEnet, a privately and government funded community economic development organization currently focusing on technology and food sectors.

The Schobergs with friend Jeremy

Fiber Joe

Derrick Wood

Mutha’s Mustard
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