Buddah Reviews Benito’s Old Bricktucky Cayenne

This is a 1 person review for Benito’s attempt to put a spin on the traditional cayenne pepper sauces by adding cinnamon into the mix. Benito’s sauce line is known for his 100% all natural organic spicy products. There are not too many organic hot sauces out there because of the cost it takes to make them, so if you are interested in staying organic you might want to look into Benito for your spicy love. We have done other reviews with Benito which you can check out HERE.

Here is a little history from Ol’ Benito himself:

It all started back in 2004 while I was working as a waiter at Mexicali Rose restaurant in Montclair, NJ. Putting the house hot sauce on my burritos, soft tacos, and chimichangas, became a daily lunchtime ritual. The sauce that they bought for the restaurant was quite good, with just the right mixture of citrus and vinegar. However, it lacked something that I was beginning to crave at the time ….HEAT!

After trying some more popular sauces such as Dave’s Insanity Sauce, Blair’s Death Sauce, and the ever so famous Frank’s Red Hot Sauce, I began experimenting in my kitchen at home. At the time I had a large supply of organic cayenne and jalapeno peppers from my organic garden behind the house that I was renting with a few friends. At first, I simply looked online for hot sauce recipes. I came across a rather generic recipe for a jalapeno pepper sauce. I followed the steps outlined in the recipe but threw in some cayenne peppers as well as jalapenos and other ingredients. After a few trial runs I thought I had perfected the ultimate balance of flavor and fire and thus, a delectable addiction was born. In the beginning I just slapped a hand written label on it and called it “Benito’s Orange Pepper Sauce” . Friends and family started to really dig it and I began to receive a lot of feedback as well as recipe ideas.

Eventually, once people’s interest in the sauce began to increase, I began to pump up the volume and I renamed the organic hot sauce “Benito’s Naranja”. I formed an LLC (Benito’s Hot Sauce) and approached an old friend, Steve Connelly (owner of the Laughing Burrito). Steve agreed to let me make the sauce at his restaurant which is now located on Bloomfield ave in Caldwell,NJ (same building as Otto’s Pizzeria).

In July of 2008 I permanently relocated to the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont. I began cooking and bottling the sauce at the Vermont Food Venture Center in Fairfax, Vermont in the Fall of 2008. I am currently preparing and bottling my sauces at New World Enterprises in Winooski, VT. I chose to move to Vermont because of a statewide emphasis on the importance of locally made products and supporting the local economy along with the State’s commitment to sustainable organic agriculture.

Over the last few years, I have come up with five new sauces, two BBQ rubs and two chile pepper infused maple syrups. , I wanted to incorporate a range of heat levels with various flavor schemes. The Naranja is more for the hot sauce enthusiast, (it is now made with organic orange habaneros), It is quite hot and goes well on anything. The jalapa has a jalapeno/cilantro/ lime flavor (great on Mexican food). The Bricktucky has a very distinct sweet cinnamon cayenne flavor. The Mango is your classic summertime sweet-hot. Lastly, the White Hot which is nicknamed “the guido killer” is a concentrated habanero-based torture trip.

All sauces are made with all natural and organic ingredients. I don’t use nonsense filler ingredients like xanthum gum, pepper mash, salt, sugar, flour, corn syrup, or any artificial flavors or preservatives. Our products are 100% sodium free. I also make all of my sauces in small batches, we do not us contract packers for the sake of quality control issues.

Ultimately, the purpose of what we do at Benito’s is not about name recognition. I have no desire to become the next tabasco sauce. We are simply about producing a unique product that is always made with fresh organic and all-natural ingredients. I love to hear that people are experimenting with our sauces and learning more about sustainable organic horticulture.

– Ol’ Benito

Benito’s Hot Sauce, LLC
P.O. Box 348
Hyde Park, VT 05655
To Contact Benito immediately, call: (802) 730-6823
Email: be*************@ho*****.com

5 thoughts on “Buddah Reviews Benito’s Old Bricktucky Cayenne

  • November 6, 2011 at 1:02 pm

    Thank you Al for your honesty, Brutal, but honest. As makers, we all produce a bad one now & then. We may think it’s good, but we need Honest feedback. There is nothing for you to be criticized on with this review. At least you didn’t try it once and spit it out.

  • November 6, 2011 at 1:10 pm

    Thanks John. I did forget to mention that I did share it with some others as I brought it with me to the Vikings fan group. They felt the same as I did.

  • November 12, 2011 at 7:35 am

    Hey Al. Thanks for your review. No need to say “I’m sorry”. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. You started off the review after the spoon tasting saying “It’s not bad” just unusual etc…Your eventual reaction makes think that you didn’t try it on the right things. Its main application is as a sauce on burgers, grilled and BBQ chicken. But how were you supposed to know that. I like an unbiased raw review.Anyway like you said, the sauce has won an HP award and has received good reviews.

    I know that if everyone thought it was bad, I wouldn’t be selling a hundred cases of it a year at the farmers’ market after people have just sampled it on a tortilla chip. But hey, some you will like and some you won’t…fair enough.

    To be completely honest I like sending you bottles for individual reviews. Mainly because it obviously makes you a bit uncomfortable :o) and moreso because it is interesting to watch you wrestle with your need for objectivity vs. your honest opinion. I like your ethical nature Buddah.

    Again, I appreciate your thoughts. As long as folks remember where the first real cinnamon cayenne sauce came from, I am happy. Thanks for your time. – Ol’ Benito

  • November 12, 2011 at 8:26 am

    I did share the sauce the first time around with a table of fellow Vikings’ fans, and everyone on that table agreed that something was off about the cinnamon-cayenne blend. I tried it with baked chicken, shepherd’s pie, hash brown cheese bake, white rice, seafood salad, french fries, and a few other things I can’t remember. For two weeks, if I had a dinner that I could try the sauce with I tried it just to find something to make it work. I couldn’t see that with a burger, since I usually would only stray from ketchup with bbq or teriyaki sauce.

    Again, I will do the review if you sent a bottle to me, but I truly believe it would benefit you to let me give you a couple more reviewers to do it with as well. Also, we can still do a multiple person Old Bricktucky Cayenne review here. I will give you Ken and Zombie, both guys from Louisiana who know their cayenne hot sauce. Just a thought. Either way, thanks for coming by and posting your comments. I hope you decide to make it down to Peppers at the Beach this year (May 18-20) for the free show.

  • November 14, 2011 at 7:23 am

    Thanks for the invite. By then the Farmers’ markets by me are just starting to warm up so I can’t make any promises….One thing I forgot to mention in my original response is that from the looks of it…you seem to have some “boobage” yourself. Stay well. – Ben

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