REVIEW: Bella Pepper’s Bella Forte Gourmet Pepper Sauce

These are some of the coolest hot sauce bottles in the market, and I remember seeing them at the Fiery Food Show on one of my visits, maybe last year or the year before that. When they asked me about doing a review of their 2 signature sauces- Bella Forte & Bella Diavolo- I was thrilled by the prospect. Then they said they wanted us to include 3 of their new product line called Chilosa, I was even happier. This is the first of 5 reviews, and if you are headed to the Fiery Food Show, check them out.

The description of Bella Forte which was taken right from their website is thus:

A full flavored low sodium authentic gourmet pepper sauce made from a single variety of dried pepper. Bella Forte is a mild sauce which will appeal to folks who like the perfect amount of heat with their foods. The sauce has a rich pepper flavor that works extremely well with anything that one would put a regular hot sauce on.

Our review team for these reviews will be Xero, the Machine, and Firehead Thomas, who is breaking out his new theme music and intro. I think he is finally getting the video editing down. Good job.

History of Bella Pepper:

Hello to all,

My name is Joseph Muscarella and I am the owner of a very small gourmet pepper sauce company located in Massachusetts. I hope that each person will find that my sauces taste as good as they look.
I started making my pepper sauces three years ago in my kitchen because I couldn’t find a single pepper/hot sauce that had the perfect amount of flavor, heat, and nutrition (low sodium) that I required. I spent months developing my authentic gourmet pepper sauces, and tuned them so that they would please my family’s palate. Out of my kitchen came a milder formula for my wife and a hotter formula for me. We started serving our sauces to family and friends and everyone loved them. Everyone encouraged us to sell them, so here we are.

I set out to make a very good gourmet pepper sauce. In doing so, I created a condiment that clearly shows that taste was primary, heat was secondary and tied for second was the need to make it a low sodium food. I knew that my product would be met with a wide range of opinions and I was, and still am prepared to handle the feedback (good or bad). I love hearing people’s opinions and respect all those who have been nice enough to give it, but my course will not change, nor will the formula.

I’m going to stay true to my original formula and keep pressing forward. I know that I don’t have the best pepper sauce in the world, that wasn’t my goal. I do know that I have a very good pepper sauce that will appeal to many folks. I am committed to this because I believe that what was created in my kitchen three years ago can survive in the gourmet food market.

Thank you,

Joe Muscarella
Bella Pepper, LLC

The Machine


Firehead Thomas

Bella Pepper, LLC
Attn: Joseph Muscarella
PO Box 871
Newburyport, Ma 01950
Phone: 1-866-960-0828
Email: Jo****@Be*********.com
Facebook Page: CLICK ME

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    good review, guys! Thomas, love the intro!

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