REVIEW: Bella Pepper’s Bella Diavolo Gourmet Pepper Sauce

This is the 2nd of 5 reviews for Bella Pepper. Taken from their website here is what they have to say about the Bella Diavolo:

A full flavored low sodium authentic smoke filled gourmet pepper sauce made from two varieties of dried peppers. Bella Diavolo is an extremely hot gourmet pepper sauce that will appeal to the person whose palate requires a very high level of heat. This sauce has a thick rich texture and a full bodied pepper flavor that makes its application to any food ideal.

Here is their first review of their Bella Forte Gourmet Pepper Sauce. Our review team for both of these reviews is Firehead Thomas, The Machine, and Xero.

Firehead Thomas

The Machine


Bella Pepper, LLC
Attn: Joseph Muscarella
PO Box 871
Newburyport, Ma 01950
Phone: 1-866-960-0828
Email: Jo****@Be*********.com
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