REVIEW: Tabasco® Brand Buffalo Style Hot Sauce

I was quite thrilled when I received an email from Tabasco® about doing a review for their newest spicy creation. I have been a fan of Tabasco® since I was a little tyke. For 3 1/2 years while I was on the Atkins diet I had Tabasco religiously in my chicken salad I made for work. I have been a fan of vinegar-based hot sauces because of the Tabasco® Brand, and to this day I tend to favor that bite when I have them. I would not have if it wasn’t for Tabasco’s® influence and that is a cold hard fact.

For this review we have Louisiana’s own Ken Alexander to let us know if this home product lives up to the tradition. Plus I went up North to Wisconsin for Heynetboy and out Northwest to Washington for Michael Hansen. I didn’t have any reviewers from Buffalo, NY so going with these Northern guys were the next best thing, and they would know what a cold wintery season can inspire in a good plate of authentic Buffalo Wings.

A little about the Tabasco® Brand’s newest product:

Finally, a Buffalo Style Sauce that Meets Our Standards—And Exceeds Your Expectations.

Buffalo chicken wings have become all the rage among spicy food fans. Now TABASCO® pours its more than 140 years of pepper sauce expertise into a tangy, delicious Buffalo style hot sauce for wings and more that sets your taste buds soaring! The popular, cayenne pepper-based flavor may have originated in Buffalo, but wait till you taste what we’ve done with it on Avery Island!

Not just wings,
but many other things.

TABASCO® Buffalo Style Sauce is so thick it sticks to foods, wrapping them in flavor. And since it’s one of our milder sauces, it has just the right amount of heat to do more than make one-of-a-kind wings. Just mix it with fresh, melted butter and toss it into a bowl of wings. Plus, it goes great on any chicken dish and on sandwiches, burgers and a whole lot more. And it adds an authentic Buffalo flavor when stirred into ketchup, mayo, dressings and other condiments.

The delicious
TABASCO® difference.

Our newest Pepper Sauce flavor is part of the long TABASCO® tradition of using only the best ingredients. It’s simple: TABASCO® brand Buffalo Style Hot Sauce is made of just five high-quality, all-natural ingredients: red cayenne pepper, salt, water, distilled vinegar and garlic.


Ken Alexander


Michael Hansen

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