REVIEW: Bertie County Peanuts’ Carolina Heat 3-Pack

Someone in our Facebook group last week posted about looking for a spicy nut. One person after another posted about this Bertie County Peanut company and bestowed how great they were. Being a lover of spicy nuts, I couldn’t help but order me some. Their fast service turnaround got me some in the mail within a couple of days. I couldn’t wait to get at them, so I figure why not do a review of the 3 flavors I ordered in what they called, Carolina Heat.

Carolina Heat consists of Sea Salt & Black Pepper Peanuts, Red Hot Hexlena, and Weeping Mary’s Ghost Pepper Peanuts. I am not really sure why the Sea Salt & Black Pepper would be in this spicy 3-pack, but I would try all 3 of share my thoughts. They retail at $19.30 with each container holding 10 oz of peanuts.

A little about Bertie County Peanuts:

We’re Nuts About Peanuts

(and we hope you’ll be just as nuts, too!)

We’re asked a lot about what makes our peanuts so darn good. Aside from our years in the business (we’ve been at this since 1915), and our hours of nurturing peanut plants in the field, we need to give a lot of credit to Mother Nature.

Bertie County is located in Windsor, NC (up in Northeast North Carolina – close to the Virginia border) and we’re surrounded by beautiful waterways. These waterways create a perfect rich fertile, sandy soil just right for growing some of the best peanuts in the country – that’s why we like to say that “our secret’s in the soil”.

During these ninety years in business we’ve sure seen a lot of changes. What started out as a farm supply business, Powell & Stokes, has now gone a bit “nuts”. And, we think that those who started it all, Luther Powell “Mr. Luther” and Jonathan Stokes “Uncle John”, would be proud. Who would have thought when Jack Powell, Sr., (or “Papa Jack” as everyone called him), started cooking his now famous blister peanuts in his popcorn popper, that we’d start a peanut company and be shipping our peanuts (and all of the delectable peanutty concoctions we’ve since created) around the nation?

Now in our fourth generation, we still love it when our farmer friends and neighbors come in to buy their supplies, sit, visit, and talk weather and crops while munching our peanuts. We believe in peanuts and are proud of our products. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Bertie County Peanuts
217 US 13 North
Windsor, North Carolina 27983
Facebook: CLICK ME


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