REVIEW: Half Moon Bay Trading Company’s Iguana Tropic Thunder

This is our 3rd review for Half Moon Bay Trading Company. We did the Garlapeno and Garbanero sauces, which were garlic based hot sauces. You can click on the sauce name if you wish to see those reviews. Very Good feedback for each garlicky hot sauce. Now we are taking a trip to a sweeter tropical side of the company in this review. This fresh red jalapeño pepper & red habanero pepper sauce is blended with mango and passion fruit plus spices. We have once again Xero, the Pepper Boys, and Firehead Thomas. Let us take a look see…


The Pepper Boys

Firehead Thomas

Half Moon Bay Trading Company
P.O. Box 330718
Atlantic Beach, Florida 32233-0718
(904) 246-9493
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