REVIEW: The Shed’s Spicy Orange Sunset BBQ Sauce

Sometimes it is an honor to get a special review from someone that has a bit of star power. Brad Orrison might or not be that famous, but his restaurant The Shed Barbeque & Blues Joint is one of our country’s infamous BBQ restaurants, and got Brad some TV appearances along the way including the Food Network 2011 BBQ show called, “Best in Smoke”. The show put the best in the BBQ world against each other in all kinds of tantalizing BBQ challenges. His enthusiasm and mouth watering food made me an instant fan. I was pleased to meet him at this past year’s Fiery Food Show and witness the charisma in person. He charms all the people around him with his Southern accent, his unrelenting smile and his big straw hat. We shared a moment at the Sandia Resort & Casino’s bar and I convinced him to do a review with us. Now here we are doing the review.

Right before the Fiery Food Show the Original Shed in Ocean Springs, Mississippi burned to the ground February 12, 2012. I am sure they lost a lot of the love that went into developing one of the most talked about restaurants in the land. The support is evident from the video below. From their fans and others who came to their aid when they needed them the most, the makeshift Shed was back lickity split. Check out new Ocean Springs location of The Shed Barbecue and Blues Joint, and the quick and amazing job they did. Note the video was posted on March 1st.

For this review we have Firehead Thomas, Fiber Joe and The Schobergs. We are reviewing their award winning sauce from a chilehead perspective. They won so many awards for their sauces, rubs and food their list is quite long and has it’s own page: HERE This Spicy Orange Sunset BBQ Sauce earned an National Barbeque Association(NBBQA) Award of Excellence! From 2009-2011 it received one 1st place and two 2nd place awards at the The National BBQ Association Convention. The Shed is far from shabby. Will our reviewers like it too? Will the heat be enough? Before that let us take a look at the Shed’s history…


The History Of The Shed

The Shed - Ocean Springs

The Shed has a rich and dynamic history. From the opening day of serving up their slow smoked meats and the family’s secret recipes for their side dishes, to winning World Championships, The Shed definitely has a positive presence in the BBQ world today.

Humble Roots

Once there was a guy that spent most of his out-of-class time at Ole Miss scouting out, jumping in, and rummaging through dumpsters and street side garbage piles. The highlight of his week was the “night before trash day.” After graduation, he wanted to move back to the Coast. One sobering morning he surveyed all he had collected over the years. It was Everywhere, it was Insane: warped used two by fours, old tin roofing, bent nails, ugly windows, mountains of pure, unadulterated junk! Not knowing what to do with it and not willing to part with a single plastic bucket or warped record, he built a trailer out of the larger parts and loaded the rest on top of this homemade junk hauler (picture here the Beverly Hillbillies on steroids) and moved back to Ocean Springs.

A BBQ Epiphany

One evening while dumpster diving on the Coast, the guy, Brad Orrison, knee deep in hardwood flooring had an epiphany: “I’m gonna’ build myself a take out barbeque joint.” Brad (24) and his sister Brooke (19) hammered and nailed. They practiced cooking, smoking, and timing meat to perfection.

After endless attempts Brad perfected his SECRET SHED RUB. Then he began the search for the perfect sauce. As sent from Heaven, a man called Poppa came on the scene. Poppa had spent the past twenty years making his sauce for his friends, his friend’s friends, and now THE SHED met their match.

The Day The Shed Was Born

The day Brad’s baby backs got rubbed with the rub then slapped with the sauce “The Shed” was born and the thunder rolled. The rest is history. You’ll probably have to stand in line when you come to The Shed, cause it ain’t fast food, it’s FINE food. Folks that are in a real big hurry usually call in first.
Shed Style Junkadelic Courtyard

BUT WAIT! There’s Even More To The Story…

It’s the customers, affectionately known as “ShedHeds.” After eating at The Shed, folks started volunteering to help. They would bring in more junk to spruce up the place, built additions on the building so they would have a place to sit and offered to do anything they could do to help Brad and Brooke put out more BBQ to keep up with the crowds. The ShedHed group is growing at an alarming rate because these fine folks just love great barbeque!

The Shed’s not a fancy restaurant, as a matter of fact, it’s not a restaurant at all….it’s a full fledged JOINT….The Shed is an Experience, a Destination to enjoy. ShedHeds bring their families, sit around the bonfires, hug their kids, and eat the best darn BBQ on the bayou (of course it’s the only BBQ on the bayou)! On Saturday nights the sounds of live Blues music radiates from the stage bringing with it the essence of what a barbeque joint should be.

That my friend is the true story of The Shed.

Firehead Thomas

Fiber Joe & Gregor

The Schobergs


The Shed Barbeque & Blues Joint
7501 Mississippi 57
Ocean Springs, MS 39565-8405
The Joint 228-875-9590
Office 228-875-8577
Catering 228-297-1390
Franchise Info 228-875-8577
Facebook: CLICK ME

General Information:

Brad Orrison

Vice President:
Brooke Lewis

Entertainment Director:
Brett Orrison

Franchise Information:

Linda O

Linda O

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    It should be noted that the bottle I had stated that is is a wing sauce, not a BBQ sauce, which is how I preceived it upon opening the bottle…my decision to use it as a BBQ sauce was a result of tasting it by itself. So, has it been re-marketed as a BBQ sauce now?? If so, that’s great!

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