Buddah Interviews Half Moon Bay Trading Company’s The Nooge

As it says in the header, I got the privilege to interview the one and only Nooge For those of you that do not know the Nooge he is Tom Nuijens, the man behind one of the most famous hot sauce companies in the world, Half Moon Bay Trading Company. The interview took place at the 2012 DC Fancy Food Show last week. The Nooge gave me a little time once the first of the three hectic days were over. It was an honor to get such time to speak and ask him some questions about his company and himself. I hope you all enjoy it, and if you have not ever tried any of Half Moon Bay Trading Company’s products like the Iguana and Bee Sting product lines, then you should seek them out. They are truly some of the best of Caribbean style flavors.

Half Moon Bay Trading Company
P.O. Box 330718
Atlantic Beach, Florida 32233-0718
(904) 246-9493
Facebook: CLICK ME


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