Hot Sauce Bible Deadline Extended

If you’re a Hot Sauce Maker or Salsa Manufacturer, a Website Blogger, Internet Media Company Owner or a Fiery Food Show Manager, your chance to be part of history has now been extended until July 31, 2012!

The Hot Sauce Bible: Revised Old & New Testament by Dave DeWitt, Chuck Evans and Scott Roberts wants YOU to submit your story and your details for possible inclusion in the book.

Hot Sauce Makers and Salsa Manufacturers

If you’re a product maker that makes hot sauce or salsa primarily, it does not matter if you bottle the product yourself or use a co-packer, you qualify for inclusion! Ones who don’t qualify are part-time or weekend hobbyists who crank a few bottles in their spare time (and maybe only sell a few cases a year) or are making their products in unlicensed kitchens. But if you have had any impact on the industry, have had some longevity, have highly unique products, have a broad geographic outreach, and/or have a unique story to tell, we want to hear from you!

Please provide in an attachment concise (several paragraphs to one page unless more needed), neatly written with spell-check…all copy to be written in the submitter’s own words.

1. History of Business-how you started, # of years in actual production, what influenced you to produce spicy condiments.
2. Product line brand name
3. Product Uniqueness in the marketplace
4. Specific sauces that are favorites and/or products that have an interesting story.
5. A favorite photo of: your booth at a show with your company logo, a tasteful costume with you in it, a portrait of the company owners or founders, product(s) you make that you associate your company with, or a photo of inside your facility.
6. YOUR RECIPE(s) – maximum of 3 recipes please (one you do not mind sharing) of a great-tasting spicy or fiery hot sauce, salsa, marinade, sambal, curry, etc. utilizing 1 or more chile peppers. The recipe will be released in the HSB so it must list exact ingredients, specific instructions, cooking times, and finished quantity of sauce made with the recipe. Serving suggestions where applicable.
7. Business Address, phone, website, email.
8. IMPORTANT: Type your name, type your signature (type s/s and then type your name) of submitted information, and date.

Website Blogger, Internet Media Company Owners and Fiery Food Show Managers

1. History of your media address, how you started, why you started and what influenced you to promote spicy and fiery sauces and salsas.
2. Special interests or what makes your site different from all the rest.
3. Awards you have introduced and/or won and any industry recognition.
4. Your internet address/website address {The show location, show dates, etc. for shows}
5. A pdf file of your logo only.
6. IMPORTANT: Type your name, type your signature (type s/s and then type your name), and date.

Please submit all information to: mo************@sb*******.net and carbon copy sc***@sc*************.com.


Disclaimer Notice: All information, files, and photos submitted may be used in a media publication authored by Dave DeWitt and Chuck Evans. Submission of any and all information is considered voluntary. Actual publication of information submitted is at the discretion of the authors. All submissions are considered voluntary. All submissions are made with no expectation of compensation or royalties.

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