REVIEW: Threatcon Kitchens – Johny 5 Hot Sauce

We have another new hot sauce to bring to you. No surprise that they are from the spicy haven of Florida. Threatcon Kitchens has a line of hot sauces that are simply separated not by name, but by their heat level. All except their 5th sauce – Johny 5 hot sauce. Whether it be wisdom or trial by error, Johny 5 is the first of their sauces that are ready for sale and distribution. The original 4 are still in production. What do they say about Johny 5 on the Threatcon Kitchen website? “Johny combines tasty quantities of dark rum, ginger and wasabi, with a kick of zesty jalapeno and fiery habanero to ignite the witch doctor in you.” Sounds like an interesting combination. Our review team for this review is RJ, Xero and Ryan Graub.

Before we get to the reviews I want to share a little about the company behind the hot sauce, and the man, Chris Tice behind the company.

Threatcon Kitchens’ Mission:

To achieve flavorful pepper sauces that the whole family can enjoy.

Since eating is a family ordeal, why not pepper sauce? We start with a small flame in our #1 sauce and slowly build combustion as the levels increase, because we focus on the flavor not the heat.

Our Deliciously Vicious products are brewed with beer, wine and liquor to give them a taste like no other gourmet pepper sauce. Johny 5 is ready for sale online and in local area markets.

Chris Tice:

Chris Tice, a retired soldier and aspiring writer/entrepreneur, uses his love for food to create delicious but thrifty recipes, sauces and cocktails. Chris’s experience working as bartender and waitperson has only broadened his views as a traveler on food and drink across the country and around the globe. His upstart company Threatcon sauces showcases his bottled products but he really just likes to share recipe ideas and attempt new things. Chris writes for the Kissimmee Food Examiner, and brings his own love of all things spicy to the internet through this medium.

Ryan Graub



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