REVIEW: Heaven Made Products – Amazin Flamin Cajun

This is our 2nd of 4 reviews for Heaven Made Products which sent us 4 of their Cajun style seasonings. The first review they got solid ratings by our review team for their Amazin Cajun seasoning. Obviously this is the hotter of the two, but will the flavor add or detract to the overall success of their original Cajun seasoning? One way to find out, let us take it to our review team. We once again have Ken Alexander, Bishop Brad, and Heynetboy. To see the Amazin Cajun review CLICK ME.

Ken Alexander

Bishop Brad


Heaven Made Products
25044 Virginia Ln
Porter, Texas 77365
Email: Mi*****@He****************.com
Facebook: CLICK ME

One thought on “REVIEW: Heaven Made Products – Amazin Flamin Cajun

  • July 27, 2012 at 12:16 am

    Thanks guys, great reviews. I really appreciate you all taking the time to review my products.

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