REVIEW: Lord Nut Levington – Rebel Mary peanuts

A spicy peanut review, yeah us! I met and tried the Lord Nut Levington peanuts at the DC Fancy Food Show in June, and I was impressed enough to convince them to do a review with us. They agreed and this is the 1st of 6 of their spicy seasoned nuts. Our eager volunteers to do these reviews are Dale Gilbert, Heynetboy and the team of Mike & Jen.

A little about Lord Levington

He is… the gastronomical activist, leader of the Taste Resistance, bringer of true flavor to the masses. He is Lord Nut Levington!

In almost all aspects of life, Lord Nut Levington has thrown his irreverent style in the face of the establishment. Urban legend has it that Levington hails from Blighty – an unsavory land known for its extreme blandness and lack of flavor. He craved unique tastes of varying intensities and could not be confined to a bland existence. When he could stand it no longer, Levington decided upon a self-imposed exile and set out for the exciting New World in search of flavor.

Many experiences and flavor expeditions later, Levington found his mission in life – to lead the Taste Resistance and make a stand against bland. He would bring freedom of flavor to those oppressed by taste conformity.

So, to those destined for flavor greatness, or those needing to be liberated from a flavorless existence – join him and continue this revolution. All in flavor, say YES!

Not just nuts, but an entertaining image to boot. Now on with the reviews…

Dale Gilbert


Mike & Jen

Lord Nut Levington
1300 W. Walnut Hill Ln.
Suite 145
Irving, TX 75038
Phone: 888-544-NUTS
Email: co*****@lo*****.com
Facebook: CLICK ME

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