Sean & Buddah review spicy veggies (Worst Product Review Eva)

It is not everyday I get Sean Boley (the official cartoonist of ILIS) to eat some veggies, let alone a spicy variety, but he was willing so we did ’em. Along the way though there was a misfire, and a huge one at that. I won’t say more on that, you will have to watch to see the worst product I have ever reviewed. Before the huge low came one big high, and that came in the form of spicy pickled beets by Pepper Creek Farms. Their Joycie’s Spicy Beets was a wonderful find. I found them in Home Goods a store with weird stuff like funky art, bathroom and kitchen odds and end of all kinds, and trinkets you would think no one would ever buy. There amongst some Mojito Mixers and smoked salts was their beet jar. I saw the word spicy and grabbed it. So here is their review and one other for which I do not want to mention beyond the video and you will see why in the review. You will get a laugh I am sure. Below the video is the contact info for Pepper Creek Farms, I do hope you will buy this product, it was that good.

About Pepper Creek Farms

Pepper Creek Farms is a family-run company, based in Southwest Oklahoma, specializing in turning fresh local produce into classic American condiments, pepper jellies, relishes, pickles, salsas, dips and seasonings.

We prepare all our products in small batches the old-fashioned way, to preserve the quality, integrity and fresh flavors of the natural ingredients we use.

Our plant and offices are located in the town of Lawton, Oklahoma at the base of the beautiful Wichita Mountains, where buffalo still roam wild on the hillsides, and pepper fields stretch for miles in every direction.

If you’re ever passing through our part of the country, give us a call. We love visitors, and we’d be glad to show you around.

Pepper Creek Farms, Inc.
1002 S.W. Ard Street
Lawton, OK 73505
Phone: 800-526-8132
E-mail: pe**************@wo*********.com


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