Fire Dawgs review Xerarch’s Nice ‘n Hot Salsa

Our very own Xero gave us some salsa to feed to our Fire Dawg fire fighter review team. Our usual team of Chief Miguel, Hector and Danny looks like it might be a while before we can get them all in the same room again, so Miguel brought in some volunteers or in this case possible victims. Our newbie George, who we brought in the past can’t really handle too much heat, and that is what makes his review a tad on the comical side because this salsa is way too hot for him. Our other newbie is Taylor or as he is referred to at the Fire Station, “Probby”, which is short for probationary as he is in that stage of his fire & rescue career. He can handle a little more heat than George can, but he also recognizes the heat in this salsa might be a little much for him. Lucky for us in steps Kevin Pyatt, lover of spicy things to add his review to our panel of Fire Dawgs. Miguel has anointed him our newest permanent member of the Fire Dawgs for all future reviews. We welcome Kevin into the fold and thank Probby Taylor and George for taking one for the team.

Xerarch’s Nice ‘n Hot is one of my favorite salsas and is listed on my favorite salsa video I produced when I started up ILoveItSpicy in 2010, and nothing has changed since. It truly is a great salsa. They have also entered our salsa contest that we are doing with the Houston Hot Sauce Festival on September 15th, and we appreciate the entry because it raises money for Children’s Cancer Research through the Snowdrop Foundation. Win or lose we really are grateful for their participation. Thanks Xero!

A little about Xerarch’s Salsa

Xerarch’s Foods is a family company founded in 2003 in Alamogordo N.M. All the fresh peppers used in our award winning line of salsas are flame roasted to give them a bolder and sweeter flavor. The thick blended consistancy allows you to get full salsa flavor in every bite and gives the salsas excellent “chipability”. Our salsas make a great snack with chips or in a 7-layer dip, or as an additive
to Chili or Tortilla Soup. It can be used as a marinade for Chicken, Pork or Beef. With Mellow, Nice N’ Hot, and Severe, there is a heat level to suit everyone from lightweights to Chileheads. Our spice blends can be used in cooking or just keep them on the table to add to all your favorite dishes. JENS RIB RUB combines the sweetness and bold flavor of Texas BBQ with the mustardy tang of Kansas City style. It is great with or without BBQ sauce on any cut of meat.

Xerarchs Nice N Hot Salsa was named Best Salsa in New Mexico by New Mexico Magazine for 2010. The judges thought that we have an honest and traditional flavor with the perfect amount of heat. Good for the chileheads, but not too much for the inexperienced. Try it today.

Xerarchs salsa and spices are available in Alamogordo at Sew What? Alterations on 9th and White Sands, and at McGinns Pistachio Tree Ranch on US HWY 54. Also at The Old Apple Barn in High Rolls, or online through or Amazon. Our salsa is also featured in the Salsa of the Month Club through There are a lot of excellent specialty gourmet products on that site. Check it out.

Xerarchs Foods
204 9th St
Alamogordo NM 88310
Email: sa***@xe******.com
Phone: 575-430-3587
Facebook: CLICK ME

2 thoughts on “Fire Dawgs review Xerarch’s Nice ‘n Hot Salsa

  • September 6, 2012 at 10:39 am

    I find this salsa to have a bit of an Italian flare, so I used it as a pizza sauce and it worked nicely in that capacity.

  • September 6, 2012 at 5:52 pm

    Thanks for the excellent review guys. George, Sorry for the pain. Not really. Since I am a fire dispatcher I did not mind the “extra noise”. Kevin, love the stash.

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