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This is not your average hot sauce by no means. It is an extremely hot sauce with chile pepper extract to create a burn unlike you will find in 99% of the spicy products out there. I am not sure this review was setup to get a positive review because extract sauces are not used to flavor food, and we review products that are flavorable. I believe the review was organized to show off how hot a hot sauce can be. I would not recommend using this product in more than to add to large portions of food that will mask the extract flavor, but bring about your need to satisfy your addiction to heat. Products like this one are for really extreme heat lovers that crave the ultimate burn. I for one do not like the bitterness that extract sauces contain, and while I have never tasted this sauce before and can not speak from experience, I can see by what the reviewers had to say in these reviews that this product needs a flavor enhancer. If you want the heat and want to experience an extreme burn Insainasylum hot sauce might just be your ticket. It might be a bumpy ride though, so please be careful if you use this product because Phillip Sain, the man behind this product has a disclaimer on his website that needs to be addressed since we are bringing his sauce to your awareness:

Disclaimer:By purchasing from Insain Hot Sauce i hereby disclaim, release and relinquish any and all claims and actions and/or LAWSUITS that i or any of my dependents,family members may have relating to any damage and/or injury that results,or is alleged to have resulted from the use, Consumption, ingestion and/or contact of any bodily parts ororgan. I will not hold Insain Hot Sauce, The Hot Sauce Zone or any of their employes responsible for any damages that may occur.I am fully able to make a sound decision on making a purchase from Insain Hot Sauce.

While I have been told by others in this industry that a statement as the one I copied above might not hold up in court, it still is a viable warning to be careful with the handling of the products that you purchase on the Insain Hot Sauce website. So please be careful in the handling of these sauces, Mr Sain’s warnings are not there just for his protection, but yours as well. Our 1st two reviews were not extract sauces like this one, but they contain some of the hottest peppers in the world, and the pepper is front and center in both as an ingredient and in flavor. As a result, they are 2 very hot sauces. Our 1st 2 reviews can be checked out below by clicking on their names.

1- Crushed Naga Jolokia Pepper Sauce
2- Moruga Scorpion Sauce

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