REVIEW: 7 Deadly Zings – Red with Anger

This is our 3rd review for the Puerto Rican company called Flavor Merchants, and their 7 Deadly Zings product line. The 1st review was a bit of a downer, but the 2nd review was a total comeback victory, and of all things it was with a Guava hot sauce. Now we are go to #3 out of 8 hot sauces which will increase in heat intensity as we go along. You would think the Anger one would be a little higher up in the order, but maybe it is you that will be anger when the bottle is gone and you need more. I took this little quote about this product from the 7 Deadly Zings website:

“It’s exotic, yet familiar.
It’s comforting, yet edgy.
It’s a condiment, it’s an ingredient.
It’s all those things…
And it’s addictive.
Think Tomatoes, Slooooow Roasted Garlic & Onions, Spanking Fresh Aromatics, Herbs, Spices,
All from the sunny Puerto Rican Countryside.
This is a sauce you’ll want to…
This is a sauce you’ll NEED to pour and use on everything. It will become one of your favorites.”

Got me intrigued, how about you? Let us see what our review team of the Schobergs, Bishop Brad & G have to say about this one.

Here are the first 2 reviews:

1- Roasted Garlic Pineapple Sloth
2- Guava Greed

The Schobergs

Bishop Brad


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