REVIEW: 7 Deadly Zings – Green with Envy

We are at our 5th out of 8 hot sauce reviews for the Flavors Merchats, LLC out of Puerto Rico. If you haven’t been following along or have not figured it out, the 7 Deadly Zings is a take on the 7 deadly sins. We are now at Envy, and you can see the other reviews down the page a little if you want to go back and see how the other Deadly Zings stacked up thus far. Our review team once again is Bishop Brad, G, and the Schobergs.

Their hot sauces are made in micro-batches with 100% all natural ingredients, no added chemicals, preservatives or additives. No animal products, so it’s vegetarian, and it is also Gluten Free.

Here is what they say about the Green with Envy hot sauce on their website:

A Very Zesty, Savory blend of Green Herbs and a variety of both Sweet and HOT Green Chiles.

Feel the aroma and taste while pairing it with your favorite cut of Beef.

Or Chicken. Or Fish. Or Vegetables. Or Tofu.

Your call!

Eat it as you would a Chimichurri or Salsa Verde.

Use it as a base for

a Kicked Up Guacamole

or Pico de Gallo

or Great Green Mayo

or Spicy Relish

or so much more!

It’s Green, It’s Great!

To keep you up to date with all the 7 Deadly Zings reviews here are the first 3:

1- Roasted Garlic Pineapple Sloth
2- Guava Greed
3- Red with Anger
4- Hot & Proud

Bishop Brad


The Schobergs

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Phone: 787-396-7117
Email: Vi****@7D**********.com
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