REVIEW: Big Red’s God Wrath Ghost Pepper Sauce

This is our 3rd and last review for Big Red’s Hot Sauces. This Arizona hot sauce company uses the habanero flavor as their main ingredient in all their sauces, and in this ghost pepper version it still is prominent, but the ghost pepper is used to raise the heat level. The reviews for the first 2 sauces have been for the most part pretty decent save for one review. This sauce gets the best average with our review team. Please check out the other reviews and see what they have to offer.

Garden Habanero
Smokey Habanero

I wish the good people at Big Red’s the very best in the near future with their company. Thank you so much for letting us review your labor of love. Our review team for this final review once again is Ken Alexander, Jerret Ulmer and Matt Bauhaus.

Ken Alexander

Jerret Ulmer

Matt Bauhaus

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