Veteran’s Day Tribute

Imagine leaving behind the things you love – your love of family, friends and life. Imagine losing your Brothers and Sisters that stood along side you to defend the country you love in foreign lands and at home. Unless you lived it, it is hard to imagine the hardship of being a soldier. Veteran’s Day is more than just tipping our hats to those that wear the uniform. It is a day to recognize those brave men and women that decided it was a nobler deed to give their country something back for their inherited freedom. Some of them have left so much behind in their fight for democracy. Handicapped in more than missing limbs, vision, the ability to function normally, but also mentally damaged in memory and in mind. We should not be so quick to celebrate the day, but the people behind the day.

Veteran’s Day is not just a day off or a reminder of war. It is not a day to cast stones for our country’s mistakes. We have this day to say thank you to all those Veterans that took option C when it was so much easier to chose option A or B. To say thank you for protecting our freedoms, our right to speak our minds and to have the right to choose. Many of these Vets have been through so much that a mere thank you might not be enough. If you would like to lend a hand please read on. Watch the great tribute video to get a sense of what Veteran’s Day means to so many. Freedom isn’t free.


1 out of every 4 homeless men (or 25%) in the United States is a Veteran. There are anywhere from 529,000 to 840,000 Veterans who are homeless at some time during the year.Homeless Vet's

  • 47% of homeless Veterans are from the Vietnam Era,
  • 15% are from the Pre-Vietnam Era and the remainder are from the Post-Vietnam Era including such conflicts as Granada, Panama, Lebanon, the Gulf War, the military’s anti-drug efforts in South America and the current Iraq War.
  • 67% served 3 years or more.
  • 89% received honorable discharges.
  • 76% experience alcohol, drug, or mental health problems.

The Veterans Administration (VA) has resources to serve only 1 out of every 10 homeless Veterans.

Community-based, Non-Profit Organizations,such as “Helping Our Veterans (HOV)” agencies have proven to be the most effective means for assisting homeless and at-risk veterans.

Facts taken from the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans.
Donation Page for Helping Our Veterans, Inc.:


Helping Our Veterans


Thanks to Spencer William for making this wonderful tribute video and for sharing it with us.


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