REVIEW: CurrySimple Massaman Thai Curry Sauce

We are finally at our last review for CurrySimple and their Thai Curry sauces. We have done the spicy Green and Red, then the Mild Yellow, and now is the Massaman which is their sweet style of Thai curry sauce. The reviews have been solid, and being this product is one of my favorites in the industry and I am proud to be getting the word out to the chilehead community once and for all about them. I have never tried this one nor the Yellow deciding to choose the spicy ones instead, so the review has my interest. I would like to thank Reid from for helping set this review up with CurrySimple. I wish they the best in the pursuit for success. Please try them out if you like Thai food. It is easy to make now with these products. To check out the other 2 reviews, including our special guest and author Michael Hultquist aka Mike from Madness who reviewed their entire product line in the first set of reviews. He gave all the CurrySimple sauces a

1- Green Thai Curry
2- Red Thai Curry
3- Yellow Thai Curry

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