REVIEW: Demitri’s Bloody Mary Seasonings – Chilies & Peppers

We are back with another Bloody Mary review for Demitri’s. Sorry we did not deliver as promised with a 2 week intermission since the last review. Yet, I think with the holidays fast approaching, what better to celebrate or give a gift than one of the best Bloody Mary mixes we have ever reviewed. You will see how much Fiber Joe and Dale loved this by their reviews as they went way past the Bloody Mary drink to sample this stuff using the recipes provided. Derrick didn’t care for this particular seasoning, but that is why we do multiple person reviews folks, to get a lot of feedback because everyone has different tastes. Please check the reviews out if you are a Bloody Mary fan, you will not be disappointed.

The last 2 Bloody Mary Seasoning reviews have been big hits, so you might want to check them out if you are a true Bloody Mary fan. For the Rim Shots, Derrick did a separate video review. He looked like he was having fun with the Bacon one.
Here they are:
1- Classic Recipe
2- Extra Horseradish
3- Demitri’s Rim Shots (including Bacon)

Fiber Joe

Dale Gilbert

Derrick Wood

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