REVIEW: Pretzelphoria – Holy Holy Cow!!!!! Habanero Hot Pops

Pretzelphoria Holy Holy Cow Habanero Hot Pops

At a local event here in Northern Virginia just a few miles away from my home I found this spicy pretzel snack. They had a whole line of different flavored products and they were happy to let you sample anything you wanted. So of course I had to try these small pretzel balls. Just one ball and I could feel a little heat. That surprised me to tell you the truth, but not as much as I was surprised when I got home to open the bag and see how fast I stopped eating them because they were really lighting me up. I soon reached out to them and setup this review to see if it was a fluke heat thing or it was me. I brought in Steve “The Machine” Smallwood who knows much about what is hot. I wasn’t sure he would even feel much burn, but it was a true test at any rate. Then I added Dale Gilbert and Revtommy2tone & Crimsonsteel to the team. The Good Reverend and Crimsonsteel did the review during his live weekly radio show.

Here is a little company history from Pretzelphoria…

“Don’t come without those Pennsylvania pretzels!”

This pushy statement from out-of-state friends we were
about to visit launched Pretzelphoria. We, Lynn and
John, were looking for a new adventure which would
allow travel and work and decided to bring Pennsylvania-made
pretzels to craft shows and special events out of state.

We contacted the small family-run pretzel bakeries
in Lancaster County and launched Pretzelphoria in
January 2002. In a very short time we saw the need to
get in the kitchen and create our own
spice blends for the pretzels and the need to meet the
huge demand for high quality chocolate-covered pretzels.

We are blessed with four 20-something foodies who
are a great idea source and test market. An email
arrives, “try this!” and a sample goes out; then a new
product arrives at a craft show for testing and then it
appears on our website.

With each flavor we strive for the”abundant” and
fresh taste achieved only by using fresh spices and the
highest quality ingredients available to us. We flavor
the pretzels in small batches and use pretzels baked
that week. You can taste the difference!

We welcome your flavor suggestions–just send
an email to Pr***********@ao*.com and call it “try this”
We’ll be in touch!

Steve “The Machine” Smallwood

Dale Gilbert

Revtommy2tone and Crimsonsteel

Phone: 717-332-1409
Email: Pr***********@ao*.com


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