Buddah reviews Texas Creek Products – Fluffy Bunny Hot Sauce

Fluffy Bunny Hot Sauce

Ann Simmons of Texas Creek Products started this concept/project at first as just as a gag to see if she could make a pink hot sauce with a fluffy bunny as the theme. Once she started it became a mission, and not only did she create a hot pink hot sauce and get the support of the chilehead brethren with some funds for the project, but she also made it so it would help Jim Campbell’s StepupForCharity.org. I sent Ann a little something something and ILoveItSpicy because a sponsor, and for my efforts she rewarded me with 2 bottles of Fluffy Bunny hot sauce and an extra gift of her Garlic Habanero hot sauce as well. One bottle was for me to try and the other was all fancy and was meant to be collected on a shelf. We will see about that. It was extremely kind of her. Thank you so much Ann. Please check out her awesome photos that she posted on TheHotPepper HERE.

So I wanted to help support her efforts and to raise money for these bottles which by the way go up for auction on Ebay tomorrow at 1:09 am PST. Most of you east coasters will be passed out cold in dream land. I usually wake up for work at 3am EST, but no work tomorrow, so not even yours truly will be awake for these. Ebay sales are online auctions after all, and these auctions will go to the highest bidders and take several days to complete. Anyway, about me helping…I asked Ann if I should do a quick video review, and if I liked it I would be supportive and post my review video. If I did not, I would stay quiet and no one would be the wiser. Well, I am here posting my review, which in itself is a good sign. Indeed it is. If you are a lover of garlic and heat, then I have a review for you. Before we get to the review, here is a little about the charity Ann is donating the proceeds to…

Step Up For Charity

Who Am I Helping?

Each of the following charitable organizations hold special meaning to Jim Campbell and benefit from his ongoing fund raising efforts.

Lt. Gen. Timothy J. Maude was killed in the attack on the Pentagon on the morning of September 11. He was serving as the Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel, United States Army. He was also Jim’s brother-in-law.

With the support of Gen. Maude’s family and the Army Chief of Staff, a memorial scholarship foundation was established in Gen. Maude’s honor to continue his efforts to “take care of soldiers.”

The foundation provides resources to assist soldiers enrolled in the Army’s Green to Gold program, which provides outstanding active duty enlisted soldiers the opportunity to attend college and be commissioned through ROTC.

Jason Baker was a Marion County Sheriff’s Deputy Killed in the line of duty on September 17, 2001. The fund was established in 2002 by Jason’s parents in memory of his dedication to service, community and country.

The fund is managed by the Central Indiana Community Foundation and provides scholarship assistance for high school seniors intending to pursue a career in public safety. The award is renewable each year while the recipient is attending school. Jerry Baker chairs the scholarship selection committee.

Irwin Mortgage has teamed up with Mild to Wild Pepper & Herb to help provide funds to these programs through the sale of Mild to Wild hot sauce at various events throughout the state of Indiana.

The Jim Cleek Scholarship Fund is named in honor of one of Jim’s fellow firefighters who lost a battle with skin cancer. It goes to the children of Pike firefighters (after a competitive application process) to help them in their studies, fields of public service preferred.

Texas Creek Products
A & J Enterprises, LLC
PO Box 116
33 Old Carlton Rd
Carlton, WA 98814
(509) 997-5420
Facebook: CLICK ME

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  • June 7, 2013 at 10:26 pm

    Thank you, Buddah, for your support of this project and I’m really glad you like the sauce. Set #1 and set #69 will each have their own separate auction. The other sets will be for a set price so people can choose their numbers, (first come basis). This started out on a lark, now we have a chance to make a significant donation to a great cause. Thanks for everyone’s support!

  • June 7, 2013 at 11:00 pm

    12 1/2 minutes? Oy

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