Buddah’s Spicy Diet Journey – Week 5

Buddah with Bubba

Another positive week. I mention a few products to aide in my quest. Starring Tom’s Roid Rippin, Dragon Blood Elixir and Walden Farms. I also talk a little about a new pork rinds product by a famous Hot Sauce company not named Tabasco or Frank’s Red Hot. Yes, I said pork rinds in relation to my diet.

2 thoughts on “Buddah’s Spicy Diet Journey – Week 5

  • September 9, 2013 at 8:28 pm

    You go, brother!!!!!! Looking good!!! I’m very proud of you!!! Speaking as a “3XL” guy, I know how hard it is to fight “The Battle of the Bulge” Keep it up. I’ve recently lost weight, too (270+ down to 245). My biggest enemy is beer!!! And somehow I always lose the fight (or maybe I just surrender). Thank you for mentioning and loving the “Hot Cherry & Roasted Garlic” sauce.
    Diane & I missed you at Bowers this past weekend!
    Love ya’ bro!

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