Fire Dawgs review Angels’ Fire Black Bean Chili Salsa

Angels' Fire Black Bean Chili Salsa - Jolokia

We do not have your average salsa company here. Most companies ascend to their black bean salsa recipe, and not start with it. We have some proud people at Angels’ Fire Salsa that believe in their black bean chili recipe. So much that they have 4 products and they are all black bean style with different heat levels. They sent us their salsa for our Fire Dawgs to review when they heard about our salsa contest at the Houston Hot Sauce Festival this upcoming weekend. They will of course be entering into the new black bean/black bean & corn category, and I will be one of the judges. Until that time, I will leave the critique to our salsa experts, from the Ashburn Fire & Rescue Station, Chief Miguel, Mark & Taylor. As taken from the Angels’ Fire Salsa website, let us learn a little about their company…

About the owners of Angels’ Fire Salsa; Calvin and Kelly!

About 25 years ago, two best friends found different paths in life and moved on in their separate ways. Sadly, contact was lost, as sometimes happens. Fortunately, 25 years later, while browsing around on the internet, they found each other again and immediately reunited! It was as if not a day had passed since they’d lost each other. The friendship was stronger than ever!

Now, the two best friends found that they had something new in common. He was an ambitious entrepreneur with a yummy salsa recipe that he wanted to market. She was now a chef with a passion for creating new flavors. So they put their heads and ambitions together and came up with…

Angels’ Fire Black Bean Chili Salsa!

Oh, yeah! They got married too!

So, what this happy couple created for you is a fabulous condiment that will compliment any protein or side dish.

Vegetarians and Vegans…do not fear!!! There are NO meats, meat stocks or dairy products added to this recipe!

Many of us have other special dietary needs as well! This product is high-glucose, hypertension and high-cholesterol friendly too! We add no additional sugars, salts or unnatural preservatives! Everything is natural! There’s not one ingredient on this label that you or your five year old child cannot pronounce!

We hope you enjoy this salsa as much as we’ve enjoyed making it for you! Share it with your whole family tonight!

Happy & Healthy Dining,
“Angels’ Fire Salsa” Family

Angels’ Fire Salsa
7774 Raritan Street
Denver, CO 80221
Contact: Calvin Nordstrom
Phone: 303-810-1213
Facebook: CLICK ME


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