REVIEW: Scotty O’Hotty – The Ghost Sauce

The Ghost Sauce

Many good things came from the Zestfest Midwest Show despite the lack of attendance. You can’t take away all the great vendors that were there, and one newbie to our chilehead community is one Scotty O’Hotty. I must note that he had 2 sauces for us to try, and the habanero blend won people’s choice award for overall best hot sauce at the show beating out a lot of quality sauces. Not bad for a newbie. For those that love the taste of peppers will love their 2 hot sauces we are reviewing. We will be reviewing the habanero one next. They also sell a milder version as well.

Scotty O’Hotty is Scott Owens, pictured below with his lovely wife Suzi.  Today is Scott’s birthday, so I want to wish him a very very happy birthday with our first review.  I think he will like our reviewer team’s take on his ghost pepper hot sauce.  I love that he called it just “The Ghost Sauce”.  Perhaps it is marketing genius, not mentioning that it is a hot sauce, and perhaps lovers of spooky things and haunted houses might buy them some.  One never knows!  You can read a little more about Scotty O’Hotty below the picture, then our review team does that thing.  Our squad of hot sauce lovers for this review is Steve Smith of, Dale Gilbert and the man only known as “G”.

Steve Smith

Dale Gilbert


Scotty O’Hotty
23636 Michigan Ave #490
Dearborn, Michigan 48124
Phone: (313) 268-1570
Email: fi*******@sc**********.com
Facebook: CLICK ME

3 thoughts on “REVIEW: Scotty O’Hotty – The Ghost Sauce

  • January 17, 2014 at 12:22 pm

    I really enjoyed the products I’d tried from Scotty O’Hotty, this one included – nice folks and terrific hot sauce.

  • January 18, 2014 at 12:15 am

    Thank you guys for the great review! Yes Miss Suzi will be with me burning it up in NYC. Suzi is the best wife a chili head can have. I’m Scotty O’ and Suzi is the Hotty!!! We will see you guys in NYC!! Stay Hott. ~Scotty

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