2014 Fiery Food Show: Locals & Newcomers


At this years show we got a chance to interview some locals and newcomers to the show.


gilly loco


Gilly Loco Salsa is made in New Mexico using fresh, all natural ingredients and once you taste it you will be “LOCO FOR LIFE!”

Gilly Loco hand selects only the freshest ingredients to create salsa’s that are great with chips or used to zest up any of your favorite recipes…….Be Spicy my friends! gillyloco.com


At Gilly Loco, we take pride in what we do, and we mean it when we say that we’re “LOCO FOR LOCAL.” We believe that the very best chiles come from our own back yard – the Land of Enchantment. We use only the finest locally grown chiles harvested in Hatch, New Mexico and the freshest ingredients in every single jar of salsa we produce. We’re confident that once you take your very first taste of Gilly Loco Salsa, you’ll be “LOCO FOR LIFE!”

10655 Montgomery Blvd NE
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87111
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Email: st*******@gi*******.com
(505) 298-7777


new mexico gold


New Mexico Gold ™ LLC is an infused oil production, bottling, and Distribution Company located in Socorro, New Mexico.
he company is managed by five executives.  They bring extensive experience in the restaurant business as well as operations, production, and business administration. New Mexico Gold produces two types of oil:
– Green chile infused oil – “Oro Verde,” and … – Red chile infused oil – “Oro Rojo”
Both come in mild or spicy and are delicious variations with their own unique taste.

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About Kim’s Gourmet

Your #1 source for all natural, preservative free Gourmet Sauces and Marinades. Each batch of sauce is chef prepared, bottled, labeled, packaged, and shipped from our comissary kitchen in Castle Rock, Colorado.

Kim’s Gourmet Sauces evolved in the kitchen of Kim Kolker as sauces for her own use.  Friends and family urged her to market her sauces because they were such good tasting, versatile sauces. Kim incorporated her company in July 1993 and her company grew by leaps and bounds.

Kim believed that she could make an all natural, preservative free sauce with no MSG that would compliment any recipe and so she created 6 delicious sauces- Original Teriyaki (which was her first and I believe her most favorite), Spicy Teriyaki, Asian BBQ, Spicy Peanut, Cracked Pepper Grill Sauce and Oriental Vinaigrette.  With Kim’s hard work and her belief that she had a great product the business grew and before you knew it Kim’s Gourmet Sauces were in places like King Soopers, Shamrock Foods, Tony’s Markets, etc., etc., etc. and in many different states across the country.  My husband and I have known Kim for many many years.  My husband has sold Kim’s sauces through Shamrock Foods for many of those years.  Kim decided to sell her company and she knew that my husband and I were the perfect ones (as she puts it) to buy it and run with it.  So on May 1st, 2010 we purchased the company.

I at first thought “oh my goodness what have we done”.  I knew nothing about running a company but with my husband’s belief and knowledge of the business he convinced me that we could make this company grow and succeed.  We brought the product back in house and started making the sauces again ourselves in Castle Rock, Colorado.  We make all of the sauces at the commissary kitchen that Kim actually started in.  The sauces are made in a 60 gallon double jacketed Groen tilted steam kettle.  It actually is quite impressive.  We then bottle, label, pack and ship from that location.  We date the bottles with a born on date and an expiration date on the bottom of the bottle.  Our product has an 18 month shelf life.  It is very concentrated.  A little goes a long way.  It makes life a lot easier to have everything we need right there at our fingertips.

Kim’s Gourmet Sauces has a new look and a new product.  The new look you will see are the labels.  My husband and I decided that we wanted a label that would represent our company.  Rest assured the recipes are all the same as when Kim made them.  We just thought a different look was in order.  One of the new products that we have created is a Gluten-Free Original Teriyaki.  Once my husband and I got into this business we started hearing more and more about people who cannot have wheat products or are trying to stay away from them.  Families would come up to us at the Farmer’s Market who had 3 or 4 family members with the Celiac Disease and begged us to make a Gluten-Free product.  So we did.  You cannot tell the difference but our family and friends that are wheat intolerant are very happy.  As with all of our other products the Gluten-Free Teriyaki is all natural, preservative free and no MSG.

The newest addition to our line is our Bourbon-Aki.  What makes it delicious is the Kentucky Bourbon that we add.  It enhances the flavor of any protein that it is marinated with.  Our favorite is a flank steak or tri-tip.  Please refer to recipe page.

We could not have gotten this far without help from our family, friends and customers.  My husband and I would personally like to thank the people who have helped us so far along the way.  First it would have to be to Kim (founder and previous owner) for the wonderful opportunity to have bought this great company.  We left the name as Kim’s because she does deserve all the credit.  Kim did all the hard work and we get to market and sell this great product.  There are so many others to thank.  Shannon for the labels, Rick and Chris Miller for their improvement of the labels, Matt Smith and Sarah LaReau for their support and help with our website (we think it came out great), Brian Lind our first employee, our children for all the support and help at the Farmer’s Markets, Randy Sorenson whose commissary kitchen we get to make all those great sauces in, Tony’s Market for believing in our product and being one of our store fronts, Shamrock Foods for letting us sell wholesale, Omega Marketing and Sales who are our brokers and of course our loyal customers.  Without you there would be no us.  We are always looking for new ways to improve and grow so we would love to hear any feedback that you may have.

All of our sauces come in a Food Service container as well.  We offer a 1/2 gallon size for our customers to use in their restaurants and back of the house operations.

We now are in six Whole Foods Markets and working on the rest.  We are landing in King Soopers (51) and City Markets (4) on 8/26/13  along with many other places where you will be able to find our product.  For now if you are interested in purchasing our product and are not near a location to buy it, please contact us and we will be more than happy to ship or deliver to you. Our number is 800-772-8237 or by email at ci***@ki*********.com.  To all enjoy the sauces and keep creating good healthy recipes.  We truly appreciate your business and support.

Plattekloof, 7500 Cape Town, Western Cape
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Humboldt Hotsauce’s all natural habanero mango sauce combines fresh ingredients to create a hot and savory experience.

Our company was born when two great friends sat around the Thanksgiving table to play music and enjoy exquisite food.

Our hope is your family and friends can enjoy Humboldt Hotsauce in your pursuit of a passionate life filled with music, friends, and  fine food.

Arcata, California 95518
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Cal Ferris
~ Owner
Daniel Bixler ~ Owner / Business Manager:
(707) 845-1800


tricky dix

Tricky Dix Mojo is the brainchild of Chris and Jennifer Dixon. What started as a simple spice rim for our Bloody Marys and Michiladas, Tricky Dix Mojo has turned into a favorite all spice as well.

What has happened was more than we ever imagined. But first, let’s start at the beginning.

One afternoon we were at one of our favorite restaurants watching a Sunday football game. We ordered 2 Michiladas, in which the restaurant rimmed the top of our glasses with Lawry’s Seasoning Salt. We thought, “Wow! Yummy!”. That is so much better than just plain salt on the rim. Well, when we arrived home, Chris, a non cook whose only specialty is Campbell’s Tomato soup and grilled cheese, started pulling all of the spices out of my spice cabinet. I did not pay much attention, but being an ex restaurateur and avid cook, I soon had to give my two cents.

After a year of perfecting and perfecting, and nineteen of our favorite spices later, Tricky Dix Mojo was born. We would carry our Mojo around in my purse to restaurants and friends houses for our personal use, never guessing how much the Mojo was about to change our lives.

It quickly hit the road running as an excellent rub. Whether it was beef, chicken, pork or seafood, Tricky Dix Mojo was developing a following of all ages.

Through the next year, our little baby branched from being a single purpose item to being used as an all spice in any favorite dish. We would get phone calls and texts from our friends saying, “Wow, my kids just ate broccoli, and they hate broccoli!”, and “I need twenty tins to give to my friends for Christmas.”

Then we started getting calls from complete strangers and from bars and restaurants asking where they could buy Tricky Dix Mojo. We were amazed. We then decided to build Tricky Dix Nation!

We began by getting the trademark for our logo and FDA approval, then we hit our first store shelf in April of 2011. Pam Gabriel, owner of Sweet Gourmet in Tyler, and a wonderful friend, jumped on board as our first wholesale customer. Pam proudly sells over 100 tins a month through her store. She and her staff are truly special.

From there we began wholesaling to other gourmet markets, restaurants and caterers. Tricky Dix Mojo went to its first convention in June of 2011, the Southwest Food Expo in Dallas. We showed up armed with Bloody Marys, courtesy of Titos Vodka, ZingZang Bloody Mary mix and rimmed with Tricky Dix Mojo, popcorn laced with Tricky Dix Mojo, my mom and four of our best friends. Here we debuted our “Lick & Love It” shirts and sold over 400 in just ten days. We were an absolute success at the show with our flashy marketing, clever product and enthusiastic booth personnel.

Two weeks later we attended the Taste of Dallas, our first retail venue and again stole the show, introducing our new shirt slogan, “Rub Your Meat”.

This month we will debut two new flavors, Hott Dix and Chix Dix. We are also stocking the shelves with Shak-O-Dix, by popular demand.

Thanks for checking us out, and remember to check back often for new recipes and new flavors. We will move forward as fast as you will let us….

“Lick It & Love It”

Tricky Dix Mojo
103 Baylor Dr.
Tyler, TX 75703
Facebook: CLICK ME
Email: in**@tr***********.com


pepper smack


Exceptional Heat

PepperSmack LLC is a family owned and operated specialty pepper manufacturing business in Allen, TX.  Its flagship product was initially a Thai Chili Pepper Paste, a unique recipe formulated and refined over several years by its founders and owners, who grew up loving hot peppers and spicy heat with their food.  What the founders realized was there was no other comparable paste product in existence that they could find.  PepperSmack Thai Paste is a concentrated pepper product and is hot  It is not a salsa and has no tomato base.  With the lid off the jar, one can turn the jar upside down and nothing spills out.  This paste can be used in soups, spaghetti sauces, tamales, or any other prepared food to add heat.  It can be used as a spread or condiment on sandwiches, sausage biscuits, hot dogs, corn dogs, chicken strips, or any other prepared food, or it can be used, as the founders primarily use it, plopped on the plate to eat along side any other food, as one might eat a pod of pepper with the meal.  Thus became the name “PepperSmack.”  A “smack” is defined as a distinctive flavor or taste, a suggestion or trace, a slap, a smattering or small amount.  You take a smack of paste and “plop” it in the food, on the food, or on the plate.  It gives a suggestion or trace of flavor, but nothing that distorts or compromises the flavor of the food being prepared or eaten, and it gives you a smack of heat, the intensity of the heat being controlled by the user.  The size of the “smack” depends upon one’s heat tolerance, so the user can control how much heat one gets by the size of the “smack”.

Exceptional Quality

After years of making PepperSmack for our family, we are now bringing it to your table! We strive to source the best quality ingredients from quality sources. Our concentrated Pepper Paste and All Natural Exotic Pepper Dusts, Flakes, and Coarse pepper are made of the finest quality ingredients available. All our peppers are GROWN IN USA  with exception of our imported Thai chili.  All our products are produced by us in North Texas. We strive to sell only what we would offer to our family and friends!!

Facebook: CLICK ME
Email: in**@pe*********.com

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