Fiber Joe Interviews Frog Bone at 2014 Fiery Foods Show


Keith Jenkins, Boudin Man

Keith Jenkins was raised on the north shore of New Orleans in the town of Madisonville, Louisiana where their source for seafood came from the lakes, bayous  and rivers. As a kid,    he and his grandfather would  stay on his houseboat on the “Tchefuncte River” and catch a mess of catfish, clean them up and have a good ole’  fish fry with family and friends on weekends.

In 2010 Keith moved to Tyler, Texas and opened  a seafood restaurant called “Cajun Bayou Seafood.”  People loved the food at Keith’s restaurant because it was fresh from Louisiana. Due to the frequent requests for his sauces and recipes, Keith made the decision to start his own line of gourmet sauces. “I took our Louisiana favorites and added my own little Texas twist to them.” With spices from Louisiana and Texas he created “FROG-BONE CAJUN SAUCES!” With several delicious sauces to choose from, you can turn any of your favorite dishes into a Cajun party!

In 2013 Keith moved back to Madisonville to share his sauces with his home state. Now Keith  travels all over the country sharing his products. Keith continues to create “authentic”   Cajun sauces that people  find new and exciting.

“Try any of our FROG-BONE CAJUN SAUCES and you’ll come back for more!”

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Flint, TX 75762
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