2014 Best Salsa in the World Contest – Results

Chef Kaz of Monkey McGee's

I would like to thank all the companies that helped us with raising money for the Snowdrop Foundation which funds research and assists families that are affected by Pediatric Cancer. 100% of the $10 entry fee went to Snowdrop. If you would like to add to the totals please click on their name above, and thank you in advance for your kind heart. I also would like to thank our judging team of Ken Alexander of www.FieryWorld.com, Ken’s son Jonathan, James Wreck of iBurn, Dana Romero from the LA Hot Sauce Expo and last, but surely not least, representing Snowdrop, the one and only Grape Nut aka Grapie. Another special thank you goes to Carol Borge who is the promoter of promoters and one helluva great lady to boot. She puts on one of the best if not the best outdoor spicy festivals in the world, the Houston Hot Sauce Festival. If you have never gone, you are missing out on a memorable time. It is not too late if you are within driving distance. Details are listed a couple of threads down the main page. A day plus of time left to get your burn on!

The top 3 salsas in each category will get trophies from yours truly. 1st place winners will of course get the biggest. Along with that James and Amy Wreck of iBurn.com will add the winners to their brick and mortar store if they do not all ready have them. A huge thanks to both of them for making our contest even bigger than previous years.

Without further adieu, let us get to the results, along with the point total. We had a total of 46 salsa entered There was one tie in the Traditional Category for 2nd and 3rd place. To break the tie, our judges sampled a second time and picked their favorite of the two. The 2 highest scoring salsas were in the fruit category.

Fruit Salsa Category
1st – Monkey McGee’s Sweet Apple Salsa (106)
2nd – Sweet Slap’n Salsa Pineapple & Tomato (102)
3rd – Monkey McGee’s Sweet Apple Salsa Hot (96)

Black Bean Category
1st – Sweet Slap’n Salsa Black Bean & Corn (99)
2nd – Deception Salsa Entice Bean & Corn (94)
3rd – Backyard Grill Bean & Corn (84)

1st – Monkey McGee’s Roasted Veggie Salsa Hot (99)
2nd – Monkey McGee’s Roasted Veggie Salsa Mild (97)
3rd – Red’s Hot Salsa (97)


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