Playboy Meets Senator George of Blaze Gourmet

Try This Hot Sauce: Blaze Sweet ‘N Hot Mango: Courtesy of  Blaze Gourmet


Before we get to how Playboy Magazine got a hot sauce company a featured story on their website, let me tell you how a Cleveland native became a Senator overnight.  CaJohn Hard introduced me to Cowboy George Seres at the Albuquerque, New Mexico’s Fiery Food & BBQ Show about 6-7  years ago.  That “Cowboy George” nickname is discussed in the aforementioned article, so you will have to read that to find out about that tale.  I hope I get the particulars of this correctly; my memory is not what it once was.  Anyway, George shared a story how he was mistaken a year before at the airport and at the Sandia Resort Casino where the show was held.  People thought he was a Senator and without letting them think otherwise got a free limo ride to the Sandia and a beautiful hotel suite, probably the best the resort had to offer.  No one questioned his entire stay, and he never told them the truth.  After that story, and a lengthy time of getting to know the good Senator, I started to call him Governor George, Emperor George, Czar George amongst other creative titles I came up with.  So here we are years later and some how his little Cleveland company, Blaze Gourmet, has found it’s way into Playboy Magazine’s website as a featured piece.  I am sure there is a story behind the story on this one.  Now I am left thinking of a new title for my friend.  Perhaps Gigolo George or even Lothario George might do, but I think I will go with Casanova George which has a certain ring to it.


To read the wonderful little piece on Blaze Gourmet, please check out the Playboy link below and try not to get to distracted by the other “articles” while you are there.  The Cleveland Browns & Cavaliers might be the hot story at the moment, but it is Blaze Gourmet that truly is hot all the time.


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