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Kaitlyn Baker’s BURN Sauce is inspired by her song “Burn” and made by Pepper Palace, one of the world’s most respected hot sauce companies.
Kaitlyn Baker’s BURN Sauce is tangy and tasty, but be careful– it lives up to its name! Inspired by Kaitlyn’s song “Burn,” this hot sauce is the perfect complement to your favorite foods. “Kaitlyn Baker’s BURN Sauce is as hot as the song,” says Craig Migawa, founder of Pepper Palace, the company that produces KBBS. “Combining a base of Red Habanero peppers with a jolt of Chili Extract, this sauce is made to turn up the BURN.”
Kaitlyn Baker’s mission is to tell compelling stories through great songs. The mission of Kaitlyn Baker’s BURN Sauce is tingle taste buds and open sinuses.
The reviewers for this one are Fiber Joe, Bishop Brad, and Derrick Wood. I had an awesome time with this review because I got the privilege to interview Kaitlyn Baker during the review. So I would like to thank her for taking part in the review, it was a first for me but at the same time I had a blast. I would also like to thank Fred Anderson for setting up the interview.
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